Unique aspects of EW Facility Services

Hospitality in DNA!


Facility services is experience. We are convinced that our facility management increases the experience percieved by employees, guests and visitors to the overall service of our clients. This proposition and being true to our word form the key to our success.

We started developing Our Philosophy in the hospitality industry together with Papendal Hotel and Conference Centre, the first EW Facility Services client, where we introduced an occupancy-based cleaning service, a unique service in the market at the time. Hospitality, perception, representativeness, alternating use of rooms, fluctuating numbers of visitors and a 24/7 mentality are key elements in this industry. Our entire corporate strategy, from back office to training and education policy, was geared towards this from day one.

We went on to successfully develop market demand-based perception concepts for the office, care and leisure markets. With hospitality at the very core of our DNA, and many years of experience in integrating cleaning and perception, we have good reason to call ourselves the hospitality expert in the cleaning industry!

This makes EW Facility Services even more exceptional

The Hospitality Factor EW Facility Services staff excel in hospitality. They form a representative showpiece in all respects.

Environmental policy We take our social responsibility for the environment very seriously. We should set a good example in this respect.


Our core values Our core values are deeply rooted in our corporate culture. There are five core values which also form the basis of our identity.

CSR | Good causes Corporate social responsibility is more than an environmentally sound approach to work and being considerate to staff.


The EW|Saxion Entrepreneur Award Since 2009, EW Facility Services and Saxion have been organising the EW|Saxion Entrepreneur Award.

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