Holland Casino

A sustainable cleaning partner.

A strategic partnership with an eye for each other’s organisational goals and working together to create the ultimate guest experience. This typifies the cooperation between EW Facility Services and Holland Casino, partners since 2010.

Contributing to the sustainability policy of Holland Casino
In 2017 Holland Casino and EW Facility Services decided after a successful pilot to introduce the Lotus® PRO Cleaning concept nationwide at the fourteen branches of Holland Casino. A new, sustainable and innovative cleaning concept with which we say goodbye to all daily cleaning chemicals. This made us the first Dutch cleaning company to use this cleaning concept with stabilised ozone water.

  • Quality of service

  • Flexibility

  • Solution orientation

  • The hospitality factor

Holland Casino

The innovation

The Lotus® PRO cleaning concept is a system that easily and safely converts cold tap water into ozone water. Unique is the fact that the ozone water retains its sanitizing effect for 24 hours and replaces traditional, daily cleaning products. The system is an answer to the millions of litres of cleaning chemicals and polluted water that disappear into the sewer every year. An extra battle on quality, efficiency and the fact that both employees of EW Facility Services and Holland Casino no longer need to come into contact with cleaning chemicals, make this cleaning concept a great success. Pieter Boers, Manager Facilities & Real Estate at Holland Casino agrees. He indicates that "in addition to the success we are making in terms of cleaning quality, it is fantastic that this concept makes our contribution to Holland Casino's sustainability policy very visible and tangible".

How it works

The cold tap water goes via a stabilisation module, where the water is filtered, to a High Capacity Unit, where the oxygen is extracted from the air and converted into ozone by means of electricity. The ozone is added to the stabilised water and is then ready for use. The user only has to switch on the system and spray bottles, buckets and cleaning machines can be filled. The ozone water has a 24-hour sanitising effect, and it is precisely these 24 hours that make the Lotus® PRO cleaning concept unique in its kind. After 24 hours, the ozone water returns to its original state of water and oxygen.

Facts and figures

Already in the pilot phase, the cleaning with stabilised ozone water proved to be a great success:

  • Reduction of 498 cleaning chemicals.
  • Saving 24900 litres of polluted water.
  • 38% reduction in RLUs, which means a substantial increase in Quality.



Holland Casino has 14 casinos and 1 head office in its real estate portfolio. Together they account for over 82,000 m2 of floor space. It receives almost 6 million visits a year. This requires a cleaning partner with expertise, flexible employees and a pro-active attitude. We offer this in the form of a multi-service service concept. Since the start, we have been responsible for the cleaning staff who take care of the daily and periodic cleaning. We also provide service staff. In the casino, they take care of the rounds of the game rooms, common areas, toilets and meeting rooms during opening hours. Everything to ensure that the guest experiences an optimal casino experience. Upon arrival, the jackets are taken on by one of our cloakroom staff. Our kitchen staff not only take care of clean dishes, but also the complete cleaning of interior & equipment in accordance with HACCP standards and rules.

“With all their knowledge and experience, they’re much more than just a cleaning partner.”
Holland Casino

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