Koninklijk Concertgebouw

A harmonious partnership

One of the best-known concert halls in the world, renowned for its wonderful acoustics: the Royal Concertgebouw. The very first concert was given on 11 April 1888, and many more were to follow. With over 700,000 visitors a year, this is a high traffic location with allure. The Royal Concertgebouw’s ambition is to offer top quality in the broadest sense. The programming has to be perfect, and so do the technical condition of the building, the education programme, the public participation and, last but not least, the hospitality.

  • Quality of service

  • Flexibility

  • Solution orientation

  • The hospitality factor

Koninklijk Concertgebouw

The experience of the guest is key
The Royal Concertgebouw was looking for a cleaning partner that would give a pivotal position to its guests. After all, an evening at a concert is an evening out, so everything has to be just right. The Royal Concertgebouw previously did some of the cleaning under its own management, but it wanted to outsource the entire operation. Right from the start, hospitality has been a key issue in EW Facility Services’ organisation and services. We believe that our services make a positive contribution to the total guest experience. Our ambition and vision were in line with those of the Royal Concertgebouw, and so a partnership was born.

Responsible for 2,561 spotless seats
What this amounts to in practice is that we’re responsible for the cleaning of all the offices, the concert halls with their 2,561 seats, the rehearsal rooms and the foyers, so that the Royal Concertgebouw can concentrate on its core business. As well as this sharper focus, outsourcing all the cleaning operations to one professional specialist also leads to synergistic benefits, achieving higher quality with lower costs but without a higher workload.

The hospitality factor forms a prominent pillar in both organisations’ services. Together we strive for the ultimate guest experience.
Wouter van Poppel Head of Facility Services Koninklijk Concertgebouw

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