It giet oan!

Thialf is the premier showcase for top-level national and international skating events. With the new Thialf, which will be completed in November 2016, they even have the ambition to become the undisputed skating heart of the world. That raises expectations, not only for the skaters but also for the thousands of fans that Thialf welcomes at peak times. The skaters provide the entertainment, and Thialf makes the experience complete. To make that a reality, it was looking for expert and experienced partners that are accustomed to these kinds of dynamic locations. They found the right partner for all their cleaning in EW Facility Services.


  • Quality of service

  • Flexibility

  • Solution orientation

  • The hospitality factor


Cleaning history

EW Facility Services and Thialf are no strangers to each other. Already since 2002 EW Facility Services provides a clean Thialf. Because of this we know the location like no other and we can use our energy in the right way. Through intensive cooperation over the past fourteen years we know the needs of the different end users - skaters, visitors and employees - and we respond effortlessly. When a tender was issued in the run-up to the new Thialf, we did not think of a moment.

Maximum experience

The wish for the new Thialf was to enter into a cooperation with a cleaning partner for a longer period of time. The focus is on result-oriented day-cleaning during the year. Thialf also demands flexibility in busy skating periods and during the many events that take place throughout the year. Our flexible control based on the number of visitors and the use of spaces is at Thialf's best advantage. Curing extreme peaks in seasonally sensitive Thialf is our core business in Heerenveen. In addition, our invoicing method based on occupancy provides a maximum variable cost pattern depending on the activities in the stadium. This is another reason why we are perfectly in tune with a client such as Thialf.

As the best of the 'test

EW Facility Services finally understood Thialf's wishes well, because with a score of 100 points we came out as the best from the tender. We can therefore proudly report: "It casts oan! As of November 1, 2016 we are again the cleaning partner of this very sporty client, a place where we have been working for years with great pleasure!