IT as a precondition for creating hospitality.

Personal contact and transparency are unbelievably important in our field. We therefore think carefully about the use of IT, for both our employees and our clients. Working with innovative IT applications is only valuable for us when they make a contribution to the foundation of our service delivery, namely hospitality, flexibility and streamlined operations. We are happy to explain to you how digitalization can contribute to service delivery in which personal contact is the top priority.


In our view, IT is a precondition for remaining successful in the future. We use IT to facilitate the operational process, to respond to clients’ wish for clear insight and to give our employees more space to achieve more personal contact. We translate this view of IT into reality INSITE, our total solution for innovative IT applications for the benefit of our services on location.

Three pillars
INSITE is built in modules from real-time (web) applications for desktop, tablet and smartphone. These are applications that support our internal operations, our employees on location and the employees of our chain partners and clients. Within INSITE, we identify three pillars.

INSITE Planning ensures efficient personnel scheduling. As a client, you can always count on a stable and qualified team coordinated with the number of guests, the employees and the use of space at your location. All of this happens with consideration of the established laws and regulations as well as the qualifications and preferences of our employees.

INSITE Work ensures that employees can work independently, can respond perfectly to the current needs of end users and can communicate easily. Our supervisor on location can focus on coaching and on-the-job training, so that the team works collectively to elevate the guest experience at your location.

We provide you with access to Your INSITE via a closed, personalized environment within our website, It is a handy collection point where we present details for your location(s) in an organized way. You always have current and historical data regarding KPIs at your fingertips.

The advantages of INSITE:

  • Optimal personnel scheduling, so that we can offer you a stable and engaged team on location.
  • Satisfied employees who know their tasks, make few mistakes, can be used flexibly and are continuously trained through our Hospitality Academy.
  • Direct communications and quick dialogue between our team and you as a client, so that activities are better coordinated with the current needs.
  • Practical contribution to improving the collaboration in the chain.
  • Increasing insight through the real-time offering of management information.

Like to know how computerisation can help in creating hospitality?