Our Philosophy

The ultimate guest experience is our primary goal.

Facility services are experiences. Together with our clients, we aim to create the ultimate guest experience. Hospitality has been the core concept of our services for more than 30 years and positively influencing the experience is our driving force. This proposition and delivering what we promise is our key to success. What does this look like?

We will relieve you as much as possible with our multi services

Our basis is cleaning services. As a multi-service provider, we offer additional services that we can integrate with our cleaning and contribute to a positive experience for your employees, guests, residents or clients. By combining this approach with a high quality level of execution, a flexible attitude and a drive to continue creating innovations, we do everything possible to relieve you of all your worries.

Our services are carefully attuned to your objectives and are customised, but they are always based on three clear pillars.


Hospitality has been the core value of our cleaning services for more than 30 years. Positively influencing the experience is what drives us. With the expertise we have built up, we guarantee innovative hospitality concepts that we customise for our clients. We distinguish ourselves through our creativity and individuality and we are proud of that. We want to surprise and relieve you. Not only now, but also in the future. Together, we aim for a better world tomorrow.

In practice

Nowadays, collecting and correctly using data is essential to gain insight into unique guest and employee needs and to use these insights to create the ultimate experience. To identify these needs and be able to act on them immediately, we created ‘Intelligent Hospitality’. Think of analysing online reviews and hygiene scores of hotels or deploying interactive customer satisfaction columns at office locations. Data is extremely important to us in order to find out exactly where the need lies.

With data, we take the ultimate guest experience to the next level


A flexible attitude is deeply rooted in all layers of our organisation. From our origins in hotel cleaning, responding to varying occupancy rates on a daily basis is quite normal for us. Together with you, we look closely at the use of rooms on a daily basis and adjust our frequencies, activities and times accordingly. In addition, our automation systems are optimally designed for variable invoicing. This enables us to relate the cost pattern as closely as possible to your occupancy and any related income.

On location, our managers are responsible for the daily implementation of our cooperation and are largely authorised to make decisions, which enables us to change gear quickly. This is how we can best unburden you.

In practice

Everyone who works at EW Facility Services uses H.appy. Our internal communication platform. Completely customised for our organisation. In this app, employees can read news, post feedback and share fun photos and messages with each other. The app also includes a roster functionality. Employees can see their current roster in H.appy. If there are any changes, they are implemented in real time. Colleagues can also indicate when they want to work an extra shift. We also use H.appy to carry out frequent satisfaction surveys. Five times a year, we ask specific and targeted questions about themes that we as an employer consider important for our employees. This provides valuable data that we can use immediately.

Mutual cooperation, communication and atmosphere scores more than 4 out of 5 stars


We stand for 100% reliability with regard to our people, processes, products and services. Every day, our colleagues put their heart and soul into providing flawless service. This is done through a standardised and efficient cleaning process, which enables us to guarantee uniformity and a high level of quality for you. Equally important, this method of working gives our team on site the room to fully focus on creating the ultimate guest experience. We offer you, the client, insight into your relevant management information so that you can see at a single glance the value of our services.

In practice

We conduct an annual customer satisfaction survey. With the aid of this recurring survey, we take a critical look at our services. In the CSS, we ask our clients for their opinion about the collaboration with our regional manager, the qualities of our supervisor on location and the cleaning team. We also investigate how clients rate their cooperation with our organisation in general. The results from 2020 showed that clients experience us as flexible, professional, thinking along, hospitable and understanding on the basis of many years of partnership. We receive an overall satisfaction score of 7.3 from our clients.

Transparent and sustainable with an eye for our people and clients.

We provide our services to, among others

Our Philosophy

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