Our Philosophy

The ultimate guest experience is our primary aim.

Facility services mean experience. Based on this conviction, we believe that our services make a positive contribution to the experience of employees, guests and visitors and the total service package of our clients. This proposition, and delivering on our promises, are our key to success. How does this work in practice?

Our Philosophy

To guarantee hospitality we adhere to three principles. For us, experience is a key component of our everyday activities. Everything our employees do is aimed at creating the best possible experience. Daytime cleaning is increasingly our standard method. By working in the daytime, we can respond more effectively to the wants and needs of the end users, there is always a contact person, and continuity is guaranteed. Our track record is a decisive factor. We make the difference with our well-trained staff. On-site managers have at least three years of hospitality experience, so they can successfully contribute to the ultimate guest experience.

A strong partnership with you, our client, is invaluable to us. Personal commitment and a shared goal mean plans can be transformed into reality. We look after the details of our day-to-day activities, make decisions where necessary, and so provide total solutions. As time goes on we evaluate the partnership and make any necessary adjustments. A successful partnership and a transparent and flexible approach from both parties make growth possible.

The result of a good organisation is outstanding quality. Because quality is the core of our services, we’re only satisfied with the best. We monitor and ensure this every day. How? An innovative quality measurement system can determine both the technical and the experiential quality. With our high degree of computerisation, human error is kept to a minimum. Our sustainable deployment of employees, products and services and our high quality level make the picture complete.

Like to know what guest experience can mean for your organisation?