Social Responsibility

We take our role in society very seriously.

For example, our role regarding the environment. We believe that we, as a leading facilities services provider, should play an exemplary role here. Therefore, we provide information, training and instructions to our people. In this way, they feel involved and responsible for the environment. We also strive for engagement with our suppliers, clients and other business partners. And, of course, we only use materials, machines and resources that are in harmony with the environment and we take responsibility for our fleet of vehicles. It is because we impose strict requirements on ourselves to ensure sustainability in the environment that we have been in possession of the ISO 14001 certificate since mid-2013. This certificate is an important standard in environmental management, and for this, our environmental policy serves as a driving force.

Social Responsibility

More than just environmentally conscious thinking

Corporate social responsibility goes beyond just environmentally conscious working and the thinking about employees. It is also very clearly focused on the investment that an organisation can make to help the whole of society move forward. For example, at EW Facility Services we are ambassadors for the Barcode for Life Foundation. From this ambassadorship, we are the main sponsor of the Stelvio for Life event. An annual walking and cycling event in Italy that raises money for personalised cancer research. In addition to what we can do for society outside of our company, we naturally also look within our organisation for fundamental contributions regarding sustainability aspects. Would you like to see our full social responsibility policy? Please contact us.

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