The H-Factor

Our employees are your business card.

EW Facility Services employees excel in hospitality in every way. They’re professional and committed, and they do their work with enthusiasm. In every respect, our people form a highly presentable public face of your organisation. Neat work clothing, greeting guests, careful handling of work trolleys and materials, a proactive approach and results-oriented working with an eye for detail. But also action specifically aimed at, for example, your hotel guests, office employees, patients or visitors.

The H-Factor

Service provision is all about the details: radiating hospitality, doing that little bit extra and positively surprising you, the client. Everything we leave behind us has to feel like coming home for your guests. We’re deeply aware of this responsibility keenly, and that’s why we pay so much attention to our employees.

As well as cleaning techniques, we also train our people in hospitality skills. What’s more, personal development and opportunities for career advancement are also key issues for EW Facility Services. They don’t only increase people’s enjoyment in their work, they also improve the intended results for you as our client.

Would you like our employees to positively surprise you?