Care, quality and hospitality: Stedin opts for EW Facility Services

Multi-service facility services provider EW Facility Services is the new collaboration partner of Stedin, starting 1 December 2017. For the locations in Gouda, Rotterdam and Schiedam, the organization is responsible for the routine cleaning, window washing, sanitary supplies, carpet cleaning, pest control and landscaping. EW Facility Services offers an integrated concept with a single point of contact and maximum attention for quality, continuity and hospitality.

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Care, quality and hospitality: Stedin opts for EW Facility Services

Care, quality and hospitality

In the award of the contract to EW Facility Services, the distinctiveness of the organization on the issues of care and hospitality played an important role. From its origins in the hotel industry, EW Facility Services has linked hospitality to cleaning from its inception. Stedin is switching to results-oriented cleaning with the use of EW Facility Services with two Facility Hosts during the day. Ezra Bos, Sales Consultant for EW Facility Services: 'Experience shows that the cleaning experience improves through visible cleaning. With results-oriented cleaning with Facility Hosts who are present during the day, our colleagues can respond better to the wishes and needs of the end users, there is always a contact point, and continuity and quality are guaranteed. In addition, our Hospitality Improvement Programme improves the experience for the users and guests of the Stedin offices in Rotterdam, Gouda and Schiedam.'


Everyone has their own specialty. In order to achieve the desired quality and continuity, EW Facility Services believes in an intensive collaboration with its partners and clients. Ezra: 'We are convinced that specialist work must be performed by specialists. An example is the tailor-made floor plan that has been put together for Stedin. EW Facility Services works together with qualified preferred suppliers for this. Thanks to our years of collaboration with these suppliers, we respond to each other and our hospitality DNA has spread. As the party with final responsibility, we handle the communication, control and coordination with our partners, and we offer Stedin one point of contact with which we take care of things for them. In addition, the use of good management, a stable group of employees, offering training through our Hospitality Academy and the responsiveness of our employees ensure the desired quality that EW Facility Services and Stedin are striving for.'

EW Facility Services and Stedin are looking forward to a pleasant and lasting collaboration.

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Picture (left to right): John van der Wolf (Manager Facilities Stedin) and Albert van Schooneveld (Key Account Directeur EW Facility Services).