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As three companies together, we currently have 4658 colleagues. That’s quite a few! We don’t have to deal with everyone directly, but look forward to getting to know everyone. Who is who, who does what, what hobbies do we have, are there things we need to know when we start working together? Find out here!

PS: By the way, come back regularly, because every fortnight this page will be updated with two new videos. This way you don’t have to meet all those colleagues at once ;-).

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Get to know …

These videos are in Dutch

Housekeeper Romy

Objectleider Lonneke

HR Adviseur Saskia

Rayonmanager Alice

Objectleader Brenda (Hendriks Hoteldiensten)

Rayonmanager Marcel

Trainer Stella

Regio Directeur Jaqueline