Inspiration session: ‘the hotel room of the future’

In an ever-changing world, it is important to keep innovating. But how do you do this? And how can you, as a facility service provider, make the difference? Last Monday, EW Facility Services organised an inspiration session at the ‘hotel room of the future’ to share knowledge on a small scale with business contacts from within the hotel industry, but also to inspire in the field of innovations within the hotel industry.

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Inspiration session: ‘the hotel room of the future’

In the intimate setting of the 'hotel room of the future', a living lab where innovations for the hospitality industry are tested for 3 years, 10 guests were given a glimpse behind the scenes about future possibilities. After a guided tour by Vincent van Dijk, HBMEO trend forecaster and initiator of Hotel room of the Future, and a welcoming reception, the interactive part of the morning followed.

Lively discussion

During the second part of the morning the guests exchanged ideas about important themes for the hotel industry, based on their experiences, in which the added value of technological developments on hospitality, sustainability and experience played the lead role. Through exchanging ideas with each other, a lively discussion arose. This is because the themes offer plenty of opportunities and provided different insights. One thing quickly became clear: everyone faces similar challenges, whether they are a chain, a stand-alone, a large or a small hotel. Innovations are coming fast, but how do you keep up? Vincent van Dijk: "It is precisely through outsourcing of services that you place the responsibility with the outsourced partner. They are then responsible for keeping track and fulfilling innovations. For example, EW Facility Services is responsible for innovations in cleaning, which means that you can focus on the guest. "

Big data en customised service

Developments such as big data and the internet of things offer plenty of opportunities for the hotel industry. Technology offers the possibility to make the service personal and customised and to truly shape an experience. However, due to the availability of this data, an expectation is also created among the guests. Rutger Verstegen, Sales Manager EW Facility Services: "It is no longer a question of collecting the data, but how you apply it. Ultimately you distinguish yourself by the creativity of applying this data. In the same way that hospitality already worked centuries ago, what does your guest want and how do you exceed this expectation."


The hotel industry, and certainly also society, demands an increasingly sustainable way of doing business. Sustainability is therefore an important theme within the hotel industry, also in the area of ​​facility services. EW Facility Services demonstrated to the guests one of its sustainable innovations that the organisation also applies in the 'hotel room of the future', namely Lotus® PRO. A cleaning concept that simply, innovatively and durably replaces all daily cleaning chemicals for interiors and bathrooms. Rutger Verstegen: "By cleaning with ozone water, daily cleaning chemicals are a thing of the past, you save on polluted water and ensure an improved cleaning quality. Quality and sustainability go hand and hand in this. "Does it really work? The guests were given the opportunity to try this out themselves with a bottle of ozone water that they were given to take home.