Learning from each other during DT at the workplace

During a sunny day, our directors put their hands to the wheel in a different way than usual. For the seventeenth year in a row they went on the so-called work floor. Traditionally a day that is all about sharing knowledge and experience about the services on location, but certainly also a day that revolves around cooperation and fun!

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Learning from each other during DT at the workplace

DT always fun and educational on the shop floor

The work area was moved to Château St. Gerlach, Holland Casino Utrecht, Corendon Village, Het Scheepvaartmuseum, Park Plaza Eindhoven, Fitland Leiden and Crown Plaza Amsterdam - Schiphol. Bas Cornelissen, Director EW Facility Services "Of course I know that we have committed colleagues who do everything in their power to achieve the best result. That's not new, I see and feel that every day when I visit the locations and in the way we work together as an organisation. Yet it is very nice to notice, when we spend a day with our colleagues in this way, that this institution really is in the heart of everyone who works at our company. And honestly, it's not light work. But that doesn't stop them from doing their utmost to create a clean and pleasant environment. After 17 years, DT on the work floor remains fun and educational. "For me, connection with our colleagues is essential in the operation and this day is one of the ways we do it. I learn and hear new things every year. And the points for improvement that we have identified help us to optimise our work processes.

Making the most of it

Key Account Director Patrick van Meeuwen left for Château St. Gerlach the day before and made the best use of his tag along day. "At Château St. Gerlach I wanted to experience all aspects of the work and participate in the different groups. So that is why I started with the turndown service the night before. If I have to sum up my day in a few words: 5 star quality with a smile". Chris van Galen, CFO supplements: "I can only say that my respect has only increased for our colleagues who make sure that everything looks great every day.


Our people, our strength

As a signatory of the Code Responsible Market Conduct EW Facility Services strives for good employment practices. The multi service facility services provider wants to provide its employees with a pleasant working environment in which they enjoy working, can work well together and feel at home. In order to achieve this, it is important to maintain continuous contact with employees and listen to and learn from their practical experience. It is not only through the annual DT at the workplace that it strives to achieve this objective, investing in its employees is a fundamental aspect for the facility services provider. Personal development and the provision of training and education programmes are important factors for EW Facility Services.