Lorentz Casimir Lyceum chooses for unconventional view on cleaning

Since October 1st EW Facility Services is the new cleaning partner of the Lorentz Casimir Lyceum in Eindhoven. Reliability and maneuverability are at the basis of the services. But starting up in this day and age is a bit different than normal. With its proactive actions how to deal with the corona situation and creative ideas to involve students in the cleaning experience, EW Facility Services was able to positively surprise the Lorentz Casimir Lyceum. The multi-service facility services provider will be responsible for cleaning, glass cleaning and floor maintenance for the coming years.

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    EW Facility Services

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Lorentz Casimir Lyceum chooses for unconventional view on cleaning

Sturdy piping structure

The elongated building of the Lorentz Casimir Lyceum calls for an idiosyncratic approach to the organization of cleaning services. Where it is standard to deploy one manager at such a location size, EW Facility Services takes a different approach. She chooses for a solid management structure with two managers on location, so that the building can be divided up and the cleaning staff can deliver high quality from direct management & coaching. Denis Huig, Head of Facility Affairs at the Lorentz Casimir Lyceum: "As the only tenderer EW Facility Services came up with this approach and it immediately appealed to us".

Training plan cleaning employees

The team consists of employees who already worked at the Lorentz Casimir Lyceum, complemented by professionals from EW Facility Services. Fenna van Ginkel, Sales Consultant Education: "This allows us to combine the valuable existing knowledge about this specific location with our own fresh new insights. Because of our management structure we can personally take the incumbent cleaning staff into the world of EW Facility Services and the use of our resources and materials". In order to further guarantee quality and continuity, we pay a lot of attention to a training plan for the employees. Huig: "The attention for the staff and the proposed training plan was one of the parts within the offer with which EW Facility Services distinguished itself.

A safe environment

In the tender, the facility services provider proactively included advice on how to deal with the corona situation. Van Ginkel: "You have to think about cleaning with stabilized ozone water. A method in which water in a High Capacity Unit is converted into stabilized ozone water, which eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and fungi. But also the use of disinfection columns, extra cleaning of tables, chairs and hand contact points and drains of the toilets".

Give cleaning a face

Another point that always plays a role in the cleaning of educational institutions is toilet hygiene. Within the age of high school students this often involves a certain pollution behavior. Denis Huig: "Through creative ideas integrated with our lessons, EW Facility Services wants to involve our students in the cleaning experience. An approach that really appeals to us and for which we would like to give them space". Van Ginkel adds: "We are known for our experience concepts. Not for nothing is our pay-off 'Creating Hospitality'. By consciously involving students in the solution, we create involvement in keeping the sanitary spaces cleaner". Denis Huig concludes: "EW Facility Services appointed thorough and original solutions to problems we encounter, such as requests from teachers and excessive pollution by students. This gave us immediate confidence. We are looking forward to a great collaboration".