Measures Coronavirus

The impact of the coronavirus on our society is enormous. The situation is changing every day and we see that the most recent measures taken by the government significantly increase the impact. This applies to both private individuals and industries, which means that the measures also affect our clients and our own organisation. For example, clients in the hotel industry saw the number of cancellations rise by 48% in recent weeks, while the number of new reservations remains low. Clients in the high traffic sector are forced to close their doors and we are seeing a sharp decline in the occupancy of locations at offices. Although this situation is expected to be temporary, it is expected that the negative effects of the coronavirus will persist and will be noticeable for a longer period of time. We have no choice but to take drastic measures to deal with this exceptional situation.

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Measures Coronavirus

Caring for our people and preventing proliferation

We closely follow the developments surrounding the coronavirus. We follow the guidelines of the RIVM in preventing the further spread of the virus. Internally, all our managers are aware of our Corona protocols. At the basis of these protocols, we focus on compliance with the hygiene measures and other measures we can take. On location this means that we adjust the services so that breaks are not necessary, we spread these services over the day and we do not start the day with a joint briefing. As a result, we reduce the contact between colleagues. In addition, we plan services where possible outside working hours or 'peak moments', so that we minimize interaction with employees, guests and visitors of our clients. Staff members are facilitated in working from home, we cancel all training courses up to and including 6 April and consultations take place by telephone or video conference.

Ensuring continuity and quality

Government measures accumulate on a daily basis and this means that we are constantly working to flesh out and anticipate new measures. A selection of our actions:

  • EW Facility Services has applied for the emergency bridging measure for job retention (NOW-measure).
  • We are rebuilding timetables in view of the extreme degree of demand drop.
  • Vacancy activities have been suspended until further notice.
  • All planned training courses and exams have been suspended.

With these measures we demand a very high level of flexibility from our employees. We realise this only too well. However, we hope for everyone's understanding and cooperation in order to endure this difficult time together.

This situation brings both our clients and our own organisation into unfamiliar waters. It is therefore of great importance that we discuss this. In our opinion, it is a joint responsibility to look for the best possible solutions for all parties involved.

We are convinced that, together with our employees and our clients, we will get through this situation in a good way so that, over time, we will return to 'business as usual'. A situation in which we can offer our employees more than enough work and clients the continuity and quality they are used to from us.

With the above actions, we do everything we can together with our people and our clients to cope with this unusual situation. We continue to look to the future with great confidence.

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