03 February 2021

Blog Series: Sales manager Jeannot Peijen thanks us

I find myself longing for new times, for a life without corona. That seems so long ago now. But the virus isn’t finished with us yet, so we have to hold on a little longer. It won’t surprise anyone that we are also feeling the effects of the crisis at EW Facility Services. Certainly in the hotel business. Fortunately, we are not the kind of company to give up. No matter how difficult it may be, the arrival of Corona has kindled a strong fire within us. It may sound crazy and to some a bit hasty, but we have to keep looking for opportunities in this critical environment. Because there are opportunities. Our ambition was to gain a better footing in the healthcare segment and the current crisis accelerated this for us.

Blog Series: Sales manager Jeannot Peijen thanks us

Corona requires expertise

For several years now we have been active in care institutions. We obviously train our people in the specific protocols for cleaning in a healthcare environment. That also includes disinfection. But the corona virus is a different matter. To get the right expertise on the coronavirus in-house, we immediately established and maintained close contact with the RIVM, Schoonmakend Nederland, suppliers and healthcare professionals. Through a project group, we bring all our knowledge together to ensure that every decision relating to cleaning is the right one. We have our own protocols which include personal protection, walking routes, cleaning methods and resources and materials.

Helpers wanted and found

When the coronavirus spread in March of last year, health care institutions quickly reported an urgent need for expertise and support for their cleaning teams. Shortages arose and hospitals, H&V institutions, care hotels and COVID locations found it difficult to meet their schedules. To help these institutions, we appealed to the flexibility of our people who normally work in the hotel industry. In fact, their work was at a virtual standstill at the time. Many of these colleagues rolled up their sleeves and rose to the challenge. To this day, we deploy hundreds of hotel colleagues at healthcare locations every day, and I am extremely proud of that!

Proud of my colleagues

I would like to take a moment here to thank these outstanding employees. Because as far as I'm concerned, this can't happen often enough. They started cleaning in a healthcare environment, often with some doubt. They underwent accelerated retraining to provide support in care institutions and even a corona test street. This in close cooperation with our trainers and the care institutions and with intensive personal coaching by our great managers. This agility of our people makes me incredibly proud. Where colleagues were initially tense, combative, uncertain or nervous, there was soon room for self-assurance, commitment and pride. Together with our (sometimes temporary) clients, we thought of solutions proactively. This not only resulted in hygienically clean and safe spaces, but even in long-term collaborations. A nice reward for their good work and agility.

So dear EW'ers, dear colleagues, thank you very much for your dedication and flexibility. Keep it up!

Best regards,
Jeannot Peijen
Sales Manager Care


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