16 April 2021

EW Facility Services goes on tour for a week for charity

In times of home working and partially closed locations, how do you ensure connection between colleagues and organisation? An issue that every organisation had to deal with in the past year. Also EW Facility Services. Bas Cornelissen, Managing Director, says: “Based on our cultural values Samen (working together) and Mensgericht (people-focused), we attach a great deal of value to a strong connection between colleagues and with our clients and suppliers. Working together, meeting each other and doing fun things are certainly part of that. So today we are kicking off with EW on Tour. A sporting competition in which we also collect money for the Stelvio for Life charity

EW Facility Services goes on tour for a week for charity

Sports kilometres

During EW on Tour, colleagues from EW Facility Services compete with each other sportily for a week. They compete against each other in teams, divided into the various regions and offices of the organisation. The teams try to cover as many kilometres as possible during the week in relay form. Given the distribution throughout the country, the teams start and finish in their own region, but at a central moment. The kick-off is Friday 16 April at 8 am and the finish is a week later on Friday 23 April at 12 pm. The teams decide for themselves how they will reach the finish line, as long as it is in a sporty way. Cycling, walking, running, inline skating, stepping, canoeing, horse riding; anything is possible and allowed. Of course, all teams take into account the applicable corona measures during their activities.

Clients participate for a good cause

During the relay race, the teams earn bonus kilometres by visiting as many locations as possible of clients and suppliers. In this way, they also connect with these clients and at the same time contribute to the good cause in a fun and accessible way. For every kilometre covered, EW Facility Services donates 1 euro to Stelvio for Life. Cornelissen: "This organization aims to raise money for the Center for Personalized Cancer Treatment (CPCT). In CPCT, doctors, researchers and many Dutch hospitals work together to find the best treatment for every patient with cancer. There are many different studies on the treatment of cancer, but the CPCT's unique and innovative approach to this subject is a perfect match for our organisation. That is why we have been working on this since 2012.

Starting shot

This morning, the starting shot was fired at the offices of EW Facility Services in Arnhem. Finance Director Chris van Galen covered the first few metres on a skippy ball, thereby scoring the first bonus points for 'playful movement method'. We will know in a week what the total proceeds will be.

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