11 January 2021

EW Facility Services new cleaning partner DLL

EW Facility Services is since 4 January 2021 the new cleaning partner of DLL in Eindhoven, an international vendor finance organisation and subsidiary of the Rabobank Group. This contract follows a tender process for cleaning, glass washing and sanitary supplies. The tender consisted of a pre-qualification and quotation phase; in this phase DLL was mainly looking for an ‘out of the box’ proposal with solutions that fit the cleaning vision of today and the future. EW Facility Services was able to surprise DLL with its solutions.

EW Facility Services new cleaning partner DLL

Deployment of robotics

"It was nice to see that DLL was very much looking for innovation in the field of cleaning and specifically the use of robotics," says Huib van Bommel, Sales Manager EW Facility Services. By investing annually in the execution of various pilots and the implementation of innovations, EW Facility Services meets the needs of DLL. In this way, the facility services provider helps DLL to continue to innovate on cleaning and other awarded facility services. For example, cleaning with stabilised ozone water, the use of a robot hoover and a number of innovative sustainability proposals were part of the tender. Erik van Esch, Technical Coordinator at DLL: "Together with us, EW Facility Services was able to look at new developments and innovations within the cleaning sector. They translated these into the right solutions for our cooperation".

Price per occupant

Now that office occupancy is no longer a fixed factor and working from home under the influence of corona has become the norm, the agile setting up of cleaning services is increasingly a requirement in quotation processes. Huib van Bommel: "At DLL, we also saw the need to be flexible in the organisation of cleaning services and to move optimally with the occupancy of the office. We give substance to this with our 'Clean&pay-per-use' concept. We tailor the use of our cleaning to the use of the office and clients only pay for the cleaning that is actually carried out. In this way, the cleaning and associated costs run one-on-one with the current occupancy". Erik van Esch adds: "Through great involvement and proactivity EW Facility Services is able to respond to the new situation at DLL with this concept.

Total concept

In addition, DLL had a strong need for a partner who could provide a broader relief and a total concept in the field of facility management. Huib van Bommel explains: "We are accustomed to integrating adjacent services and to this end we work together with various partners in the field of glass washing, pest control and waste processing. The coordination, communication and invoicing of the services is then entirely up to us, as is the quality control of the various services". In addition to cleaning, the contract with DLL currently covers glass washing and sanitary supplies. In due course, it will also be possible to add waste processing, outdoor maintenance and anti-smoothing.

Sustainable cooperation

The start-up went smoothly and the cooperation so far promises a lot for the future. Huib van Bommel: "DLL and EW Facility Services fit well together as organisations. I therefore look forward to our cooperation with great enthusiasm". Erik van Esch concludes with the words: "EW Facility Services understands our wishes and needs, deliver quality and pay attention to their own staff. I am confident that we are going to have a long-term successful partnership."

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