07 November 2017

Five colleagues still in the running for the title of ‘Cleaner of the year’

Who will be able to call themselves the ‘Best Cleaner of the Year 2018’ for Belgium or the Netherlands? That’s the question in the spotlight at the moment at the Golden Service Awards. Over the past few months, our executives nominated several cleaners who all deserve this title. The 10 semi-finalists per country have now been announced. What a great result. From the 6 colleagues we were able to nominate, no less than 5 colleagues have reached the semi-finals!

Five colleagues still in the running for the title of ‘Cleaner of the year’

Our finalists

For Belgium, Nazmiye Yumer, Samiha Hamich and Mandiang Tida Kote are still eligible for the title. For the Netherlands, Kung Trakoonkhammuang and Gladys Amoah are still in the running.

Nazmiye Yumer - La Royale Lodge Group in Brussels
Nazmiye is very independent and takes the initiative often. Daily, she asks the client what his work requirements are for that day and she always shows good quality. If additional help is required, Nazmiye will work with her colleagues even if the tasks to be performed are not part of her duties. She is a highly involved, tireless, respectful, punctual, kind and courteous colleague. Nazmiye gives the best of herself and works in harmony with her colleagues to bring the service provision at the location to a higher level than expected by the client.

Samiha Hamich - Hotel Hilton in Brussels
Samiha is a helpful employee who thinks of her fellow colleagues. After she has finished her work, she always checks with her colleagues to see if they need extra help. She is a flexible employee who always works with a smile. She is friendly to colleagues, guests and the client. If she encounters guests in a stay-over room, she always asks if everything is to their satisfaction. If this is not the case, she immediately notifies her manager. Samiha is very learning-oriented, always looking forward and striving for continuous improvement.

Mandiang Tida Kote – Pullman Brussels Midi
Tida is a highly motivated employee. She has a calm and pleasant personality. You can always count on her. She performs her duties as requested by both the client and her manager. Tida is able to perform directed assignments within her permanent workplace. That means that she can perform all the required tasks in the hotel. If additional work is to be done, then Tida performs it perfectly. She delivers her work promptly and with great pride. Tida wants to progress to supervisor level and is therefore very self-critical and punctual in her tasks.
The Netherlands
Kung Trakoonkhammuang – Hotel Spaander
According to her supervisor, Kung is one of the most involved and loyal colleagues she knows. An enthusiastic employee who has a passion for her subject. She has everything plus a little more to be awarded the title Cleaner of the Year. Kung stands for: Top quality that she delivers with great commitment and passion. She is productive and takes the initiative when the situation demands it. Is someone off sick? Then she is always willing to jump in. She takes care to keep her work trolley and vacuum cleaner neat and tidy. She can communicate well with her supervisor but also with her colleagues and hotel guests. In addition, she is modest, friendly and polite. She has everything a chambermaid needs to have to do the job and identifies herself with her work. King in three words: Top quality, collegiality and flexibility!

Gladys Amoah – Ibis Amsterdam Centre Hotel
Week after week, Gladys knows how to find the balance between quality and productivity. Gladys is very enthusiastic, and the supervisors sing her praises about her cleaning in the hotel rooms. She is a modest person and accepts the compliments she receives with a smile. We can always be sure that Gladys is present. She is a true addition to the morning meetings. She provides inputs where necessary and listens to the descriptions of additional work and other key issues. She takes any extra work seriously and the stay-over rooms don’t want for anything either. Gladys is very helpful. As a buddy, she trains new employees. She is patient, clearly explains what is expected of them without being forceful, and teaches them the tricks of the trade.

In the spotlight
Liliana Gil Castaneda from the NS Regional office Eindhoven has unfortunately not progressed to the semi-finals, but we do want to pay tribute to her. With her passion for the job, hospitality, politeness and respect for others, she makes a real difference at NS.

To follow

This coming month, the semi-finalists will receive a visit at their workplace by a member of the jury.  Subsequently, the jury will choose 5 Dutch and 5 Belgian finalists. The final will take place on 7 December. We will be kept in suspense a bit longer before we know if our semi-finalists have reached the final. But one thing is clear: to us, they are all winners already!

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