23 November 2020

FONS of EW Facility Services at work at XL teststraat Rotterdam

In just over two weeks, one of the first XL test lanes in the Netherlands was built on the site of Rotterdam The Hague Airport. Flexibly, a wide variety of partners jointly managed to get the job done. As of today, the first people will be received to undergo the PCR test. As cleaning partner EW Facility Services is responsible for cleaning and disinfection of all areas of the test street. In addition, it supports the care personnel with FONS, the Facility Supporter, who takes various facility tasks off their hands.

FONS of EW Facility Services at work at XL teststraat Rotterdam

Fast switching and moving along

The request for cleaning the test site came in via Rotterdam The Hague Airport, which has been EW Facility Services' client since 1 April this year. In 2.5 weeks from demand to export, a lot of flexibility is required of an organisation. Marije Wildenborg, Sales Manager EW Facility Services: "Responding flexibly to the demands of clients is what we as EW Facility Services are constantly working on. Of course without losing sight of the quality of cleaning and hygiene. The cooperation with Rotterdam The Hague Airport is very good and we are therefore proud that we are now also getting the confidence to deploy our services at this XL test street".

FONS takes work off our hands and thus offers focus

Recently EW Facility Services introduced FONS, the Facility Supporter. A cleaning professional who supports the care team by taking over facility tasks. Wildenborg: "The XL test street in Rotterdam is the perfect location for the deployment of our FONS. This colleague is part of the cleaning team and, in addition to after-cleaning the toilets, test areas and staff rooms, focuses on supporting facility activities such as receiving, arranging and clearing goods, replenishing the test areas, changing containers, refilling disinfection poles and emptying waste bins. In addition, the Facility Supporter can carry out additional cleaning requests directly and respond to ad hoc situations. This allows the test team to fully focus on its task.

XL test lanes in the Netherlands

In the near future, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport will have several XL test lanes built throughout the Netherlands. The realisation of the XL test street in Rotterdam is a collaboration between the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Municipal Health Service, Rotterdam The Hague Airport, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, GGD GHOR Nederland, the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety Region and the municipality of Rotterdam. Contrary to most test streets, people who get tested here have to walk through the test street. Cars are parked on the premises. Construction is still in full swing on the site. Wildenborg: "Soon the test site will also have its own laboratory, for the purpose of carrying out rapid tests. In addition, a second test street is ready to be put into use. As soon as these are up and running, our colleagues will ensure a hygienically clean environment for both employees and visitors".

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