01 April 2021

Getting to know the cleaning profession by working with it

As new colleagues at the Tender Desk of EW Facility Services, it is obviously important to know what you are writing about in tenders. That’s why we spent a few days with our colleagues at two of our clients. On Monday Moniek helped out at Van der Valk Hotel Nijmegen-Lent and Ellen was at Sports Centre Papendal. On Tuesday it was the other way around. There we were introduced to the cleaning profession and the quality of EW Facility Services for the first time.

Getting to know the cleaning profession by working with it

Warm welcome

At both locations, we were warmly welcomed by the manager with a smile and asked if we would like a cup of coffee or tea. How nice to immediately see and feel the hospitality that the organisation has stood for for 30 years. We were then taken through the planning for the day. Structure and efficiency appear to be very important. This is clearly reflected in the daily schedule. The rooms and cleaning tasks are specifically described, as is which cleaning employee is responsible for what.

Moving along naturally

But not only structure and efficiency play an important role, also agility and entrepreneurship are not to be missed at either location. Especially in these crazy times, when corona is raging through our daily lives like a storm, it is all about moving with the client. Hotel rooms are used less, office workers work at home and halls are deserted. Despite these major changes, we see that both teams know how to respond and adapt naturally to the current occupation. They do this by shifting gears quickly and adjusting the planning in case of unexpected pressure, or by having colleagues help out when necessary to get everything done on time. As a team, they are really there for each other. They are focused and carry out targeted cleaning, make extra disinfection rounds at contact points and focus on cleaning activities that you normally hardly get round to during busy periods.

Fun and informative

We had two fun and educational days with our hard-working colleagues on location. Enthusiastic colleagues with a passion for their work, who gave us a warm welcome and introduced us to the cleaning profession in a fun way. The core qualities that EW Facility Services stands for are clearly visible. We would like to thank all employees of the Van der Valk Hotel Nijmegen/Lent and Sports Centre Papendal for their time, explanation and a pleasant stay. Oh yes and of course also for their patience ;-).

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