10 May 2021

Refurbished cleaning machines; a 2nd chance

Our cleaning machines will not be able to match the nine lives of cats for some time yet. However, in cooperation with our partner and supplier of resources and materials Facility Trade Group (FTG), we are making an attempt to extend the life of cleaning machines. With our refurbished cleaning machines we are not only making our contribution in the field of sustainability, but we are also able to include a financial benefit in our offer.

Refurbished cleaning machines; a 2nd chance

Refurbished, what does that mean exactly?

Redundant and used machines are not disposed of by EW Facility Services, but brought to our storage facility in Almelo. There, the machines are fully technical inspected and upcycled into refurbished machines. These trade-in machines and trolleys are extensively checked, serviced and if necessary repaired by the technical service of FTG. In order to guarantee the quality of the machines, the technical department provides the machines standard with new accessories such as tubes, suction nozzles and hoses. The battery pack is measured and replaced if necessary.

What are the financial benefits?

The average value of a refurbished machine is between 60 and 70% of the new value of the machine. For a Taski Swingo 1650 bms for example, this means an advantage of approximately EUR 5,300.

What is my contribution to the environment?

The vision of FTG and EW Facility Services with the use of refurbished machines is that we believe in the sequence of reduce, re-use, recycle and downcycle. By breathing new life into the machines, we reduce waste and avoid having to buy new machines, with all the environmental benefits that that implies. We also extend the lifespan by specifically replacing certain parts. Discarded parts and accessories are collected separately and offered to specialised disposal companies.

Other advantages?

In addition to the financial benefits and the positive contribution to the environment, we also provide the refurbished machines with the current Nen3140 inspection and a one-year warranty. The selected and refurbished cleaning machines and trolleys will last 3 to 5 years if used normally.

Would like more information?

Would you like to see if the use of refurbished machines is an option for you? Please contact Huib van Bommel (06-33946680) or Jeannot Peijen (06-44607341).


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