Optimal flexibility in your office cleaning

Especially in the current time, it is impossible to predict what the occupancy of your office will be like in 2021. Isn’t it nice if the cleaning and associated costs coincide one on one with your current occupancy?

Clean&pay-per-use: cleaning and costs that run parallel to your office occupancy

Cleaners who run the same round every day, with a fixed program and within a fixed number of hours. You pay a fixed monthly fee for these services, for the entire duration of the contract. Probably a recognizable image for many facility managers. But does this cleaning run parallel to the occupancy of your office? Is every day at your office the same? Probably not!

We have the solution for you. Opt for optimal maneuverability in your office cleaning and costs that move with the daily dynamics of your office occupancy. In this message you can read what we can do for you.

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Optimal flexibility in your office cleaning

The solution: Clean&pay-per-use

We adjust the use of our cleaning to the use of your office. How do we do that? By continuously measuring the occupancy with handy sensors, present throughout your office. On busy days we screw up our cleaning and on quiet days we scale up our cleaning. This way you ensure efficient and qualitative cleaning of your office, so that your users can use a workplace that is always clean and safe. There is no discussion about the correct use of hours and your costs run parallel to the effort. So you only pay for the cleaning that was actually used and needed.

1 | Cleaning perfectly attuned to your building use

With sensors we measure how intensive the use of your office is and we adjust our daily cleaning accordingly. By using this data we can work efficiently with our cleaning. If the usage is high, we immediately start extra cleaning. In this way you maintain quality cleaning even on busy days and every user is assured of a clean and safe workplace the next day. When it's quiet, we scale our cleaning and there are not too many cleaners around unnecessarily. This will also make your office users stand out and contribute to their satisfaction and experience.

Where our agility comes from? Our origins in hotel cleaning are the basis for this. Because of these years of experience in responding daily to fluctuating occupancy rates, a flexible attitude is deeply rooted in all layers of our organization.

2 | You pay for the cleaning you purchase

Our automation systems are optimized for variable invoicing. We flexibilize the use of our cleaning so that it runs with your current occupancy and the same is done for your costs. So you only pay for the cleaning that you purchase and that, with the collected data as proof, was actually needed.

3 | Insight into the total demand for facilities

We collect the data about your office use. The more data we collect, the better we can predict the future use of your office. This is not only relevant for predicting cleaning efforts. This valuable data also gives you insight into the demand for e.g. catering, security, sanitation. This gives you full insight into the expected facility costs and allows you to use this data as a guide for purchasing and budgeting.

There is also an important 4th motivation, namely:

4 | The work becomes more fun for our cleaners

The result-oriented work based on occupancy makes the work a lot more fun for our cleaning staff! This method ensures a good balance in work pressure. We overcome peaks in the use of the building so that there are always enough cleaning staff present. If there are quiet days, the cleaning team is smaller and there is enough work for those present. This variation in the work has a positive effect on the satisfaction of our cleaning staff. And you know: happy cleaners take care of happy office users!

Do not wait any longer

Are you also looking for optimal manoeuvrability in your office cleaning and invoicing? Do not wait any longer and contact me. I will gladly tell you more about the possibilities!

Rutger Verstegen
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