Racking those brains during the Bootcamp

On Friday 20th and Saturday 21st of April, it will be hard work during the Bootcamp of the Saxion Entrepreneur Award. Not climbing or jumping over tree trunks but putting the brain cells to work. A mental challenge to fine-tune the business plans and through that win one of the coveted final places. As co-initiator of the award, EW Facility Services is also playing a part! Financial Director Manuela Spaninks and Key Account Director Albert van Schooneveld share their commercial and financial knowledge with all Boot Campers on Saturday.

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Racking those brains during the Bootcamp

Dozens of entrepreneurial students signed up for participation in the Saxion Entrepreneur Award. In recent months, they have followed intensive workshops in which they further developed their business idea and received feedback from experts in various fields. As a conclusion of the first selection round they were instructed to make a video pitch about 'the man & the plan' or in other words: who are you, what is your innovative idea and what does your earnings model look like?


The jury judged the video pitches and made a selection. From today there are 21 participants, divided across 13 business concepts. They won the well-deserved tickets for the Bootcamp. In alphabetical order:

  • BucketBoost - Babeth Brouwer (ACT), Kaj de Hoop (ACT) & Steven van Eck (ACT)
  • DE WILDE INC. - Jochem de Wilde (AMA)
  • Film Food Fest - Leonie Schrijen (HBS)
  • HealthMatch - Kjelt van den Hazel (SCE) & Niels Steenman (SCE)
  • ‘Kleding website’ - Roos van der Meijden (ACT)
  • NHNCD - Lisa Bootsma (ACT)
  • Periodbox - Eva Bolder (ACT), Jana Booms (ACT) & Ilze Dekker (ACT)
  • Rijden met Ad - Marjon van den Bos (ACT), Alexander van der Leij (ACT), Jean-Louis Wassenaar (ACT) & Mart Wijma (ACT)
  • Smart Cube - Laurens de Graaff (LED)
  • Tenikle - Sven Jagersma (SCE)
  • To-Maatje - Gilian van der Weerd (SCE)
  • Trash Rebels - Yaïr Sharon (SCE)
  • WATCH ahead - Stijn Fonhof (BBT)

In-depth assessment

The Bootcamp offers young entrepreneurs the opportunity to make an in-depth assessment of their business concept. With, among other things, pitch training, different workshops and sparring with coaches, experts and (junior) business developers, this should certainly succeed. And last but not least, it's time to meet the judges who probably also have some tips & tricks to share with them. An exciting and intensive weekend, which will certainly be very useful and fun!