High traffic

An unforgettable impression on high volumes of visitors.

Your location is ‘high traffic’ when you receive large numbers of visitors per day. You want to leave these people with an unforgettable impression, and EW Facility Services can support you in this. From the reception desk to the washrooms to the perfect condition of the building, with our multidisciplinary approach you have everything under one roof. And because we have years of experience in dealing with fluctuating occupancy levels, a flexible approach is deeply rooted in all levels of our organisation. Our systems are optimised for variable invoicing, so we can relate your costs pattern to your occupancy level.

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Cleaning maintenance

Our primary focus is on our cleaning services. But as a multi-service provider we also offer supplementary services that can be integrated with our cleaning and so contribute to a positive experience. When you use our services in your organisation you’re drawing on a quarter of a century of knowledge and experience. With our years of experience as a market leader in the hotel sector, we guarantee innovative concepts implemented on the basis of a strategic partnership with organisations that are looking for hospitality, flexibility and cost-effective solutions. We believe in a partnership aimed at an optimal experience for everyone. And surely you do too?

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Facility host

Someone who ensures constant visibility, a high level of quality and an enhancement of hospitality within your organisation. That’s the facility host from EW Facility Services. Every day, the facility host deals with cleaning work, service work and inspection rounds, as well as supporting ad hoc tasks and following up complaints and safety issues. The perfect support in managing the customer experience. The facility host is the point of contact for all your facilities issues, and is therefore in direct contact with you and your employees. So we select our Facility Hosts not only for their customer-friendliness and proactivity, but also for their outstanding observational and communication skills.

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Reception services

The reception desk is your organisation’s public face, your business card. A key role, and one that has to be fulfilled with care. First and foremost, our receptionists welcome your customers and employees in a well turned-out, hospitable way. What’s more, we select and train our receptionists for their service-focused, communicative, customer-friendly and solution-oriented attitude. If your organisation needs a night reception desk, we provide people with additional expertise (including first aid), an outstanding background (criminal record check) and a proactive attitude. So together we make sure that both the first and last impression are unforgettable.

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Handyman services

Our handymen can do so much more than the average odd-job man. And they need to. Because a professional organisation needs a professional image: an organisation in perfect technical condition. We offer handyman services in two variants: basic and technical. Both variants guarantee you excellent performance of routine maintenance and all kinds of job orders. With the technical variant we supply people who are also VOP and VP certified, so they can carry out technical and structural work. By using our handyman services you retain flexibility, transparency and insight into your costs.

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Sanitary supplies

Sanitary supplies are sometimes seen as mundane: a soap dispenser and a hot air hand dryer at every sink, a fresh scent in the washrooms. They’re everyday necessities, but for that very reason they play an important role in the feeling you want to convey. Our hygiene concepts contribute to the total experience of your customers and employees. We adapt the range, service, approach and pricing to your personal situation, so together we arrive at the solution that forms the best match with your organisation. And of course the fact that this almost always leads to cost savings and increased sustainability for your organisation is an added bonus.

Our high traffic partners

Hospitality has been the core concept at EW Facility Services for over a quarter of a century. The experience of the hotel guest is what drives us.

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