We understand that at your hotel it’s all about hospitality.

A beautiful lobby. A clean room. Friendly staff. Your hotel is more than just a place to sleep. It’s a location to meet, to work and to relax. Even the smallest details contribute to the ultimate experience of your guests. At EW Facility Services we understand that like no-one else. With an enviable track record over 25 years of hotel cleaning, we speak from experience as a market leader. Our employees think along with you, and together we pull out all the stops to exceed your guests’ expectations. 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It’s no coincidence that our slogan is ‘Creating hospitality’.

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Our housekeeping team is responsible for the day-to-day cleaning in your hotel, from planning to implementation and evaluation. The housekeepers are the lynchpin of the team, and take charge of the direction, supervision and coaching of our room attendants. Our housekeeping teams are used to working in an organisation where hospitality, experience, elegance, multifunctional use of spaces, fluctuating visitor numbers and 24/7 performance are key issues.

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Linen Management

Linen management is crucial in the hotel sector. It has to be done right. And by “right” we mean a warm welcome and the ambience of a neatly made bed, in line with your standards. Our employees are only satisfied with the best result. At the very least we take care of the internal logistics, but we can also provide a total solution comprised of purchasing, management, laundry and distribution, all with the aim of an optimal guest experience.

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A hotel kitchen is the heart of the culinary experience. It’s a dynamic environment throughout the day, but has peak periods during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Perfectly polished glasses, gleaming cutlery and crisp linen: it all forms a part of the ultimate guest experience. Our stewarding staff are responsible for the dishwashing area, and this involves tasks such as the care, maintenance and storage of all the kitchen equipment.

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Handyman services

Our handymen can do so much more than the average odd-job man. And they need to. Because you need someone who can perfectly meet your needs. Who contributes ideas when things don’t go exactly right. Your hotel must be in perfect condition 24/7. We offer handyman services in two variants: basic and technical. Both variants guarantee you excellent performance of routine maintenance and all kinds of job orders. With the technical variant we supply people who are also VOP and VP certified, so they can carry out technical and structural work. By using our handyman services you retain flexibility, transparency and insight into your costs.

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Guest supplies

Those hand soaps and lotions in your hotel room: who hasn’t taken them away now and then? After all, they’re made to be used, and many hotels see it as a compliment that guests want to use the same products at home. So the products have to be in keeping with your ambience. They have to match your look and feel. EW Facility Services, which is independent of brands and suppliers, contributes to this positive experience.

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Hospitality has been the core concept at EW Facility Services for over a quarter of a century. The experience of the hotel guest is what drives us.

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