Enjoy hospitality and experience cost management in a patient-safe environment.

Creating a safe, clean environment for your patients, clients, employees and visitors is central in our approach to maintenance cleaning. The prevention and fighting of infections are emphatically a part of that. But the healthcare market is changing quickly: due to free choice in healthcare for patients, it is increasingly important for healthcare institutions to distinguish themselves in service, presentation and hospitality. Patients do not often come in for pleasure, and you want them to feel at home. Curious about what we can do for you? Then take a look at our services. We utilize a flexible cost model for you, so that we can have the facilities costs run in parallel with the occupancy of your institution.

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Cleaning maintenance

To guarantee a hygienic and patient-safe environment, we utilize our own High-Quality Hygiene approach. Because we believe that a healthcare institution must be possible without infections, prevention plays the lead role in our approach, whereby one of our infection prevention specialists maps the protocols, methods, processes, resources and materials. The result is a customized High-Quality Hygiene plan. We discuss this hygiene plan with those people responsible for infection prevention within your institution. In consultation with them, we then create our work programme for the different areas. On the basis of the state and finish, kind of room and intensity of use, we determine the right tasks, frequencies, resources and materials.

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Your primary focus is on the treatment and care of your patients. Unfortunately, there’s not always enough time left over for ancillary tasks and genuine attention for the patient. Our roomservice staff support your healthcare process. They’re responsible for cleaning rooms and medical equipment, and for making beds. And as well as this they have special attention for your patients in the form of service: providing food and drinks, taking care of flowers and plants, welcoming visitors and keeping rooms clean and tidy. Through the optimal partnership between your professionals and EW Facility Services, patients and their visitors experience hospitality that they’ll value very highly.

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Reception services

The reception desk is your healthcare institution’s public face, your calling card. A key role, and one that has to be fulfilled with care. First and foremost, our receptionists welcome your customers and employees in a well turned-out, hospitable way. What’s more we select and train our receptionists on their service-focused, communicative, customer-friendly and solution-oriented attitude. If your organisation needs a night reception desk, we provide people with additional expertise (including first aid), an outstanding background (criminal record check) and a proactive attitude. So together we make sure that both the first and last impression are unforgettable.

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Handyman services

An admission to a healthcare institution is almost never voluntary. So it’s important to put patients at their ease while they’re waiting. Watching TV and surfing the net are popular ways to relax, so they always have to be working properly. Our handymen can do so much more than the average odd-job man. And they need to. Because a professional organisation needs a professional image: an organisation in perfect technical condition. By using our handyman services you retain flexibility, transparency and insight into your costs.

Our healthcare partners

Hospitality has been the core concept within EW Facility Services for over a quarter of a century. We have a clear vision when it comes to hospitality and cost control.

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