Cleaning services

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Our primary focus is on our cleaning services. But as a multi-service provider we also offer supplementary services that can be integrated with our cleaning and contribute to a positive experience. When you use our services in your organisation you’re drawing on a quarter of a century of knowledge and experience. With our years of experience as a market leader in the hotel sector, we guarantee innovative hospitality concepts. With a high level of quality, visible service provision, flexible implementation and bespoke solutions we enhance the cleaning experience of your employees and guests.

Cleaning services

Data-driven cleaning

Many cleaning organisations use data to become flexible. Fortunately, we are already flexible! We are market leader in the hotel sector. For us, it is nothing new to continuously match supply and demand. After all, the occupancy in a hotel is different every day. As a result, we have to deal with highly fluctuating occupancy rates all year round. These years of experience ensure that we can accurately assess in advance which capacity you need. We use our sensor data to provide factual support and advice. Transparent as you would expect from a reliable partner. This enables us to work more efficiently through smarter cleaning routes, even better result-oriented cleaning and being present at the right time.

Does the need in your building change? If so, we will immediately adapt to them, without compromising on quality, of course. This may involve scaling up or down the cleaning team and your costs running parallel to this, or deploying a facility host to provide extra support during organised activities or in the event of unforeseen calamities. Always visible to give that safe feeling for that optimal experience.

Advantages of data-driven cleaning
We can also use our data for chain cooperation. Think, for example, of your caterer purchasing smarter. And we also contribute to your sustainability challenges and our sustainability ambitions. Why leave the lights on in empty rooms or on empty floors? And did you know that our sensors can do more than just measure movement? Such as indoor climate, fine dust, VOC (volatile organic compounds), light intensity and barometric pressure. We are also happy to make this data available to you in a handy dashboard. That's flexibility and collaboration!

Curious about the steps towards data-driven cleaning? Then look here.

Sustainable cleaning

We have great sustainability ambitions. Whether it concerns stabilised ozone water or the use of an exoskeleton. Sustainability has taken a strategic place within EW Facility Services. In order to reinforce our sustainable character, we are committed to five Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Read more about them here.

It’s so much nicer working in a clean workplace.
Fenna van Ginkel Manager New Business

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