Facility Host

One point of contact for all facilities issues.

Someone who watches over the facilities experience in your organisation. Who ensures a high level of quality and optimal hospitality. That’s an EW Facility Services Facility Host. Every day, the Facility Host deals with cleaning work, service work and inspection rounds, as well as supporting ad hoc tasks and following up on complaints and safety issues. The perfect support for managing the customer experience. The Facility Host is the point of contact for all your facilities issues, and is therefore in direct contact with you, your employees and your guests. So we select our Facility Hosts not only for their customer-friendliness and proactive approach, but also for their outstanding observational and communication skills.

Facility Host

What does a Facility Host do?

The Facility Host is your contact for cleaning and service activities. By deploying a Facility Host, you ensure continuous visibility, a high quality level and an extra experience within your organisation.

How do we do it?

We give the Facility Host at least 25% of his time off from cleaning duties. This way, the Facility Host can have a positive effect on the experience of your employees and guests. Besides daily cleaning maintenance, service work and follow-up rounds, the Facility Host is available for ad hoc work and the follow-up of complaints and calamities. Assisting our object managers in guiding the staff in terms of professionalism, attitude and behaviour is also part of the range of tasks. A Facility Host is also visible on the work floor and the direct point of contact for you and your employees and guests. In our Hospitality Academy we trained our Facility Hosts last year to work with the one and a half metre measure. Of course while maintaining our service-oriented attitude.

What characterises our Facility Hosts?

We find communication and flexibility one of the most important characteristics of our Facility Hosts. When selecting our Facility Hosts, we take this into account. Essential competencies are customer orientation, pro-activity and a strong signalling and communicating capacity.

The ultimate experience for our guests is the highest goal.
Jeannot Peijen Business Development Manager Healthcare

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