Sanitary supplies

Mundane but essential.

Sanitary supplies are often mundane products: soap and towel dispensers and a hot air hand dryer at every sink. Hand soaps or luxury lotions in hotel rooms. They’re everyday necessities, but for that very reason they play an important role in the feeling you want to convey. Our sustainable hygiene concepts and guest supplies contribute to the total experience of your customers and employees. We adapt the range, service, approach and pricing to your personal situation, so together we arrive at the solution that forms the best match with your organisation. And of course the fact that this almost always leads to cost savings and increased sustainability for your organisation is an added bonus.

Sanitary supplies

Circular sanitary systems

We are always actively looking for new innovations that lead to better hygiene results, environmental savings or cost savings. In our Flagship Stores, we are currently testing the use of various circular sanitary facilities:

Soop: a hand soap made from 100% recycled coffee grounds or orange peels. At our locations where we apply this concept, we are working with the caterer to collect the orange peels and coffee grounds and recycle them into hand soap.

The Good Roll: a toilet paper made from 100% post-consumer waste paper. This includes books and used paper such as drinking cups. The Good Roll invests half of the proceeds in building public sanitary facilities, a great social initiative.

Greenbrush: circular toilet brushes, with Return to Sender quality mark, that are made of recycled material. It is a hygienic closed system so users are not confronted with unhygienic situations. When a brush is replaced, it is also recycled. Did you know that Greenbrush plants a tree at Trees for All for every 20 toilet brushes?

Sparcio: a water-saving coupling. We fitted this coupling to the taps which saves 93% of the drinking water. Not so much 'circularity', but 93% savings!

How can we use Sanitary Supplies for you?

In order to guarantee an optimal experience, we like to think along with you. We translate our years of experience and market-specific knowledge into customised advice. We are independent when it comes to supplier or brand; what is most important to us is the end result. Adapted to your specific situation, we give substance to the range, service, approach and pricing. In this way, we arrive at the best solution together with you. In doing so, we look as much as possible for products and concepts that contribute to a positive experience of your guests. How about the smell of fresh coffee when people walk past your corner? Or the smell of freshly washed linen in the corridors of your hotel. This makes the guests feel almost certain that they have arrived in a luxurious hotel. And that is exactly what we aim for.

Precisely because it’s everyday it has to be perfectly in order.
Elco Kuipers Manager New Business

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