The finalists of the Golden Service Awards are known!

After a long wait, the jury of the Golden Service Awards announced the twenty finalists. In each category, Cleaner, Cleaning Team, Glass Cleaner and Manager of the Year 2020, five finalists are in the running. EW Facility Services is proud to announce that no less than 5 candidates of our organization are through to the finals, congratulations! EW Facility Services wishes all finalists a lot of success and is eagerly awaiting the results of the finals. On the 3rd of December it will be announced who will win the prizes.

Golden Service Awards jury goes on a working visit
The judges have now chosen the finalists. After this round the judges will visit all nominees. On December 3rd the four prizes will be awarded. Not only the Cleaner of the Year, but also the Cleaning Team, the Manager, and the Glass Cleaner of the Year will be crowned.

Heartwarming entries
Based on various criteria the candidates were judged, after which the jury selected five finalists per category to proceed. This does not mean that the candidates who dropped out were not good, emphasizes the jury. On the contrary. “The many and heartwarming entries show that there are many top cleaners around. They really are the face of our profession and we can justifiably be proud of them”. After a difficult, but careful consideration, the following nominees came out:

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The finalists of the Golden Service Awards are known!

Finalists Cleaner of the Year 2020

Khadija el Bouayadi
Company: EW Facility Services
Object: Ernst Sillem Hoeve Den Dolder
Location: Baarn

Khadija is a cleaner with a golden edge. An enthusiastic positive colleague, who is always willing to help. She loves to work every day, learns fast and doesn't shy away from a challenge.

Supervisor Haiam: "Khadija is the best cleaning employee because she gives more than 100% every day. She has a lot of knowledge of different cleaning methods, but not unimportant: colleagues enjoy working with her. She is always positive and this stimulates everyone on the work floor to do their best. One day a week and during vacations she takes over some of my tasks. I can then fully trust that everything on the work floor is going well. In addition, she has a great smile that stays with the hotel guests, colleagues and client".

Manager Housekeeping/Facilitary of Ernst Sillem Hoeve Sandra: "Khadija fits very well with what we expect from our employees. She has an open personality, communicates clearly and is accessible to direct colleagues, employees of Ernst Sillem Hoeve and our guests. And if we ask for something, she arranges it. She always keeps her appointments.

Renuka Jagernath
Company: EW Facility Services
Object: Herbergier Delft
Location: Capelle aan den IJssel

Renuka is a reliable silent force that is certainly not invisible. The combination of quality of cleaning and compassion, makes her at care location Herbergier Delft completely in place.

Rayon manager Marcel: "After first working in hotel cleaning, Renuka switched to Herbergier Delft last year. Quite a change considering the target group of elderly people with dementia. From day 1 it was a perfect match. She cleans qualitatively well, thinks along, is solution-oriented and I can fully trust that her work is good".

Client Jan-Willem: "We are very happy with Renuka. It is nice and pleasant to work with her. Not only does she work very neatly and hard, she also has an eye for our residents. And since Renuka is here, the family members are more satisfied with the cleaning".

Marcel: "Dedication and flexibility in her work and sensitivity in dealing with all aspects/phases of life for the residents characterize Renuka and in my opinion make her the Cleaner of the Year.

David Marfo
Company: CSU
Object: ING Cedar
Location: Almere

David is exactly the kind of employee that every manager would like to have on the team. When his object leader starts talking about him, lights appear in her eyes. David is only 21 years old, but thanks to his eagerness to learn he knows exactly how everything works.

David is a go-getter, both inside and outside his work. He doesn't like to make mistakes and hardly ever does. He thinks along with you and even further. Always looks for solutions, thinks in possibilities, is independent and the textbook example of proactive. And then he walks around every day with a big smile.

"And... I'm not really allowed to say it, but it could be that a number of object leaders have had a little disagreement with each other because they all want David so badly in their team. If that doesn't show how wanted he is, then I don't know anymore".

Hennie Otten
Company: EW Facility Services
Object: Papendal Arnhem
Location: Arnhem

Hennie has everything that goes with this title. Full of passion she has been working in the cleaning business for 25 years and you can see that. Besides her quality she excels in her perseverance, pro-activity, flexibility and collegiality.

Object Leader Carla: "Hennie is an example for her colleagues. She is cheerful, is always there for you, is very flexible and willing to help everyone. Furthermore, I can almost blindly trust that her quality of cleaning is good".

Marijke, Manager Houskeeping of Papendal, adds: "Hennie is very alert and precise in her work. She looks beyond her own work and also identifies things she runs into in the hotel rooms and other places on the premises where she is not working. She is also very pleasant to work with as a person".

Sitting still doesn't suit Hennie. Carla: "When work came to a standstill due to corona, Hennie was the first to indicate that she would like to work at a care location. Contributing where it was so much needed at the time was and is a matter of course for her".

Ria Schwegler
Company: Beercoo
Object: Diepvries United BV in Bergschenhoek
Location: Zevenhuis

Ria is 'fascinated' with her profession. A nice compliment from one of her clients on whose location she takes care of the cleaning. And a good description for a powerful communicative cleaning professional.

She arrived at 'her client' on a crush.

Ria is 'fascinated' with her profession. A nice compliment from one of her clients on whose location she takes care of the cleaning. And a good description for a powerful communicative cleaning professional.

She arrived at 'her client' at a crucial moment. Beercoo had been cleaning at the location for 29 years, but satisfaction dropped. The customer was even about to switch to another cleaning company. The customer even claims to become a fan of her now! Why? Because Ria takes property and responsibility for the cleaning work. This is shown by the fact that, after having worked for the customer for some time, she went to the contact person with the question 'what are you going to do now? Stay with Beercoo or not? Of course, I'm not polishing it up so nicely for someone else'. Not every cleaner dares to do this. The contact person then sat down with Ria more often to fine-tune things for cleaning. This resulted in a clean desk policy and also that every Friday the men from the warehouse put the shoes out of the dressing room so that they can be cleaned there as well.

Finalists Manager of the Year 2020

Jan Harmsen
Company: Visschedijk
Function: Schoonmaakcoördinator 2
Location: Zutphen

With his unbridled and proactive commitment, Jan delivers quality for customer, employee, colleagues and organization by providing situational leadership and taking an extra step. In this way he always surprises his clients. Jan is an enthusiastic, involved and natural leader: reliable, professional, great heart for people and company and a deal is a deal. He lets go of the judgement and gives sincere attention to every individual. And he is able to transfer his passion for the cleaning profession to young people. A true ambassador for the specialist work.

Aysegul Oz
Company: EW Facility Services
Function: Housekeeper at NH Utrecht
Location: Utrecht

Aysegul started at NH Utrecht as a cleaning employee and is now the driving force behind the cleaning team as a housekeeper.

Rayon Manager Anne: "Aysegul really deserves the title of best manager of the year. She has everything fully under control at her location and is supported by her team and client.

The client is super satisfied with Aysegul. Housekeeping Quality & Coordination Manager at NH Utrecht Aliza: "Aysegul really is a professional woman with a lot of drive, who effortlessly delivers very high quality. She goes straight to her goal and imperceptibly puts her signature on everything she does. Typical Aysegul: organized, extremely professional and down to the smallest details".

Anne: "She really wants everything to go well and is passionate about it. She goes for the best result. To achieve that, she needs her team. She is strict, but fair. Everyone knows what she has to offer and where they stand. She does her utmost to make it as much fun as possible for everyone. This combination makes her very successful with her team".

Lonneke Peeters
Company: EW Facility Services
Function: Housekeeper at Kruisheren Hotel Maastricht and EMA Amsterdam
Location: Neeritter

Lonneke is an executive who has made great strides in a short period of time. Early 2018 she started as Management Trainee and at the end of 2018 she was Housekeeper at 5 star location Kruisherenhotel in Maastricht.

Rayon Manager Daniëlle: "Lonneke is an executive from thousands. In the beginning still a bit uncertain, but within a year a certain manager with whom clients and team members walk away. She is clear in her communication, thinks ahead, keeps her appointments and knows how to bind people to her. Whether it is a hotel or an office, she bites down and makes sure the client doesn't have to worry about anything. No challenge is too big for her. Last year she moved from Limburg to Amsterdam for six months to start up our new client EMA. A large location where English is the working language. The client tried to convince her to stay in Amsterdam, but her life is in the South. She has that effect on every location where she works. The Kruisherenhotel and the team hoped that she would come back to them, but Lonneke is ready for a new challenge, so soon she will start at Hotel Merici in Sittard".

Michael Schreppers
Company: Hago Zorg
Function: Rayonmanager bij Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum
Location: IJsselstein

His employer is clear: Michael is a topper! After years of rest he has returned to the team at Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) and is a rock in managing the customer. The combination of these two gives Hago Zorg good results. Michael is not only there for our client, but he makes time for everyone. He thinks in solutions instead of problems. No wonder that LUMC with him running away. Object Leader Zhor: "The relationship between us, Michael and LUMC is a chemistry that is indescribable.

Bianca Smink
Company: Augias Schoonmakers
Function: Kwaliteitsmanager/Rayonmanager
Location: Apeldoorn

Bianca always thinks in solutions. Doesn't shy away from a challenge. She thinks from the circle of influence. What positive influence can I exert to move employees and organizations. Because of this, she has achieved 100% staffing and there are never open gaps in the planning.

Formally Bianca is free all day Wednesday and also on Friday afternoons. In practice, on these days the mails just pass by and she is easy to reach by phone. Also for a chat pot. The result of this is that employees feel heard at all times and Bianca creates a warm bath for them in which employees can excel. It also creates an atmosphere of "you're always there for me, so I won't let you down".

In the evaluation with clients, compliments are often given about Bianca being visible, rolling up her sleeves, having a mentality, but also being able to keep an overview for the longer term. Because of her approach, quality is more than sufficient because the changes in teams are minimal and absenteeism is 2.2%.

Finalists Cleaning Team of the Year 2020

Team St. Zorgcombinatie Marga Klompé
Company: St. Zorgcombinatie Marga Klompé
Object: Lochem locatie De Hoge Weide en Laren locatie ’t Talma
Number of employees: 16

Just like other colleagues in the cleaning industry, this team has had a special period. Reason to put the colleagues of the household team in the spotlight. They work as a team in general housekeeping in the Lochem region at our location De Hoge Weide and 't Talma. The cleaning was of course under a magnifying glass at the time of the Corona period. Don't worry, because this team had everything under control. It was quite exciting at first, but that feeling was quickly shaken off.

The Hoge Meadow and 't Talma were hit hard with Covid-19 infections, both among residents and care workers. So it was quite a difficult and hectic period. A big compliment is due to our first household employee Joke and her team for their efforts, partly because no one in the team fell out because of Corona. That may be lucky, but it means all the more how important it is to follow the right work processes and to observe the (hygiene) measures.

Team Clinic Viasana
Company: ICS Group
Object: Kliniek Viasana te Mill
Number of employees: 17

This team has had an eventful year. A rebuilding in the clinic and the coronation period. But despite these challenges, as a team they have ensured continuity so that the clinic could continue to run. During the 3 weeks that Viasana was closed, this team worked extra hard to dot the i's and t's of the clinic. During that time they were able to do cleaning maintenance in places where they normally can't reach. In this way, this team has contributed to a pleasant, safe and healthy working environment.

Jeanine Smits (manager Care & Welfare): "This under the inspiring leadership of Rayon leader Anita van den Akker. Together with her team, she has carried out a lot of extra cleaning work over the past period. This was recently emphasized by the management of Viasana, they thanked in a letter on behalf of all employees of Viasana our cleaning staff for their extra efforts".

Team OLVG West and East
Company: Westerveld
Object: OLVG West en OLVG in Amsterdam
Number of employees: 200

This team is always very driven to deliver good quality and likes to think along with the hospital to make changes. All team members are very involved and want to deliver good quality, to ultimately relieve the departments as much as possible. Since 2011, Team West has been together and there is little turnover (about 5%), Team East has joined as of 7/2019, and has about the same turnover rate. Of course, the fact that all parties are celebrated contributes to this.

Team Vattenfall
Company: Hago Next
Object: Vattenfall in Amsterdam
Number of employees: 10

This team has proven itself by winning the trust of the customer. The client sees the team as part of Vattenfall. In addition, this team has shown to be able to maintain itself under all circumstances and to guarantee quality at all times. Illness, personal loss, organizational changes and even corona have not been a worthy opponent to this team. Operating as a family with personal attention for each other, this team shows a great performance every day.

Team Langeland
Company: CSU
Object: Langeland Ziekenhuis te Zoetermeer
Number of employees: 35

The employees of Team Langeland have everything about each other and the hospital. They do everything they can and work together as much and as hard as possible when needed. They help each other, fall in, work extra when necessary and make sure that the cleaning always continues. They have proven this once again during the peak moment of the recent corona crisis. Together they took one step harder, worked extra and supported each other to get through this intense period successfully.

Finalists Glass washer of the Year 2020

Rick Pontsteen
Company: SMB Willems
Location: Arnhem

Rick is a window cleaner you can build on. Although he is still young (27 years old) he is a colleague who is serious about his profession. The window cleaner's profession has been poured into him, his father is also a window cleaner at SMB Willems. Rick started washing windows when he was 16 years old, so in the meantime we can call him an experienced craftsman.

What clearly distinguishes him from his colleagues are Rick's social skills. Cleaning is often about experience and hospitality. This is sometimes forgotten in the window cleaning profession. Rick has good contact with the customers he visits. He is polite and no request is too much for him. Is the job not finished? Rick works for an hour without any problems. Everything to be able to deliver a good result. The contact with others is also what Rick loves most about the job. "I like dealing with customers. Having a chat with the people you meet and clients are always allowed to ask me anything. And I also have a nice team of colleagues, every day there's something to laugh about. And when we've got the job done together, that leaves me with a satisfied feeling".

Pascal de Ridder
Company: Gom Specialistische Reiniging
Location: Enkhuizen

Pascal has had a difficult year in private so far. In spite of that, he is the positivity himself and provides the necessary relaxation on the work floor in combination with good quality work. What also makes Pascal different is his ability to guide other colleagues. From new and young window cleaners to re-entry workers or a colleague who still has to spend his last months until retirement.

Luciano Scheffer
Company: Gom Specialistische Reiniging
Location: Den haag

Since the beginning of this year, Luciano has had a group of colleges as a permanent workshop. Here Gom made the switch from glass washing during Christmas and summer vacations to glass washing during the school days. For this it is important that you have the right appearance, know how to plan (internally) and how to communicate in the right way. This (critical) customer describes Luciano as a neat appearance that informs them clearly and concretely at the right time and also delivers the desired quality. The glass washing was a very important point in the tender and the execution was previously not satisfactory. Thanks to Luciano, but also to his immediate colleague, this work is now being carried out to full satisfaction.

Johan Schmitz
Company: Gom Specialistische Reiniging
Location: Tilburg

Johan is a colleague who works very independently and manages his own planning. He also picks up much of the resulting communication himself, which has ensured that he has a good relationship with his clients. Clients take him seriously and take his advice because they know he stands for quality.

Tony Tas
Company: Willemsen Schoonmaak Organisatie
Location: Enschede

Tony is the most passionate window cleaner his colleagues know. With a daily smile on his face, for 28 years! Tony is for both his colleagues and his client a very pleasant person in contact and consultation. Motivation, that is the best result. He takes a lot of responsibility for his work. He can handle that and makes sure the client is satisfied.

About the Golden Service Awards

The GSA have a clear goal: to make a solid contribution to the quality and image of the cleaning sector. Working on its importance and promoting visibility and image, as an independent and qualitatively strong platform. Thanks to the ambassadors behind the Golden Service Awards. These are Numatic, Katrin, ICS Groep, SMB Willems, CSU, Gom, OSB and EW Facility Services. They make this election possible.