What can we do for you?

Our professional, well-trained employees can be immediately deployed as hands on support for your cleaning team. They can replace sick cleaning staff and/or supplement your team to carry out (extra) cleaning work.

Think of support for this:

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What can we do for you?
  • cleaning plumbing;
  • traffic and waiting areas;
  • entrance areas;
  • offices and meeting rooms;
  • canteens;
  • shopping trolleys;
  • showcases;
  • shelves;
  • aisles;
  • self-scanners;
  • handles;
  • ov chip card scanners;
  • handrails;
  • buttons;
  • etc.

This with extra attention to contact points such as door handles, stair railings, lift controls and cranes. By using our employees as support for regular cleaning, your permanent cleaning team can concentrate on more critical parts within your organisation.

From hotel to care hotel

If you would like to set up part of your hotel for the reception of corona patients, we would also be happy to use our expertise to help you with this:

  • We are aware of the correct protocols and cleaning methods.
  • We can immediately deploy well-trained staff from the region to professionally take care of the cleaning of your corona rooms.
  • We train the staff in advance on specific skills and peculiarities of your location and, if necessary, provide additional instructions on the use of resources and materials and personal protective equipment.

Acting together

We will be happy to work with you to find a temporary, tailor-made solution to your cleaning problem. Because we also have people available in your area, we can act adequately and provide the support you need within a few days. Whether you have cleaning (partly) under your own management or have outsourced, in this exceptional situation it does not matter in our opinion. Together we put our shoulders to the wheel to ensure a hygienic and patient-safe environment even during the coronavirus.


If you are interested, please contact us at +31(0)6 - 33228185. We will contact you quickly to temporarily deploy extra cleaning staff at short notice.