About us

Creating hospitality is in our DNA.

At EW Facility Services we do our utmost to create the ultimate guest experience. Hospitality has been the core concept in our service provision for over 25 years, and the experience of the end user is what motivates us each and every day. As a market leader in the hotel sector, we guarantee innovative concepts implemented on the basis of a strategic partnership with organisations that are looking for hospitality, flexible costs and integrated solutions.

About us

Every situation offers new opportunities

Your employees are your organisation’s business card. We’re always aware of this. Behaviour and image form an essential component of the total experience. And that’s precisely why we continually train and develop our employees. Personal development and opportunities for career advancement are key issues for EW Facility Services. They don’t only increase people’s enjoyment in their work, they also improve the results for you as our client.

What makes us special.

Every day, over 4,700 employees commit themselves with their heart and soul to creating the ultimate experience. We do this through ‘service with a smile’, perfectly preparing more than 10,500 rooms for new hotel guests, greeting thousands of office workers, watering dozens of flowers, and above all ending the day with our heads held high and the satisfied feeling of a job well done.

EW Facility Services is flexible, respectful to the guests and extremely hospitable.
Alice Abrahamse - Topaz Revitel

Unique mix at the interface of hotel and healthcare. The comfort of a hotel combined with 24-hour convalescent care and support. That was the vision of…

EW Facility Services is more than just your cleaning partner.