Hospitality in our DNA

Hospitality in our genes.

We chose our slogan – Creating hospitality – with good reason. It is who we are, what we stand for and what we carefully select our people on. It’s in our organisation’s DNA. By giving experience a pivotal position, taking a flexible approach and offering integrated solutions, EW Facility Services succeeds in standing out from the crowd. That is the foundation of our organisation.

Hospitality in our DNA

EW Facility Services owes its name to its founder, Eric Wentink. Even in his student days he was already convinced that the wants and needs of the end user should be the central focus of facility services. Inspired by this vision, Eric Wentink started his business in the cleaning sector in 1990.

Not much later Hotel Papendal chose to work with EW Facility Services thanks to our focus on guests’ experience and flexible costs. It was the first time in the history of the cleaning sector that a cleaning company applied hospitality concepts and worked on the basis of occupancy rates instead of a fixed number of hours. This proved to be a successful formula, and we gained considerable ground in the hotel sector. A demand arose for more facility services based on this concept, and so we further expanded our package of cleaning and housekeeping services.

Demand for our approach also surfaced in other sectors, and we translated our hospitality experience into integrated solutions in facility services in the office, high traffic and healthcare markets.

With hospitality anchored in our DNA and years of experience in linking services with experience, we have grown to become a preferred strategic partner for organisations that want to add hospitality to facility services, independently of markets and sectors. And Hotel Papendal? After 25 years it’s still a client. Because we deliver on what we promise.

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