19 December 2016

Zoover opts for the multiservice provision of EW Facility Services

In your search for a holiday destination there’s a good chance that you’ll visit Zoover.com. With 150 million visitors every year, Zoover is the most popular online holiday platform in the Benelux countries. EW Facility Services has recently started providing the cleaning maintenance and sanitary supplies for the organisation’s new offices in Amsterdam.

Zoover opts for the multiservice provision of EW Facility Services

Multiservice provision

With its relocation from Zeist to Amsterdam, Zoover was looking for a flexible and professional partner for cleaning maintenance and sanitary supplies that could match the quality and service it aspires to. Sahbi Derksema, Head of HR, Talent and Office at Zoover and Weeronline says: “EW Facility Services has proved that it can switch very quickly in the contract process. That’s very useful for us at Zoover/Weeronline. They don’t just offer cleaning services, but also a broader service package. The “everything under one roof” service principle, with a dedicated contact person, is definitely an added value for us.”


EW Facility Services believes in the way that multiservice provision can contribute to enhancing the customer experience and achieving synergistic benefits through task integration. Rutger Verstegen, EW Facility Services Sales Manager: “By offering a wide range of services at a single price we can provide Zoover with a total solution. In the course of their work our cleaning staff identify the guests’ needs, and can respond to them immediately. What’s more, thanks to our approach Zoover also gains transparency and insight into its costs.”


EW Facility Services and Zoover are looking forward to a successful partnership.

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