Bornego College

The cleaning work is always well taken care of

Continuity is important to the Frisian comprehensive school Bornego. The best proof of this is the long relationship it has with EW Facility Services. For 15 years, Bornego College has been assured of daily cleaning.

We have three locations in Heerenveen that are all maintained by EW,’ says Arnold Lamsma, Facility Manager. Every working day after school, the cleaning team comes by. It’s a regular team, so we get the same familiar faces every day. They know exactly what needs to be done and therefore work very efficiently.


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  • Flexibility

  • Solution orientation

  • Relialibility

  • Hospitality Factor

Bornego College

Arnold himself has little contact with the cleaners. It is the caretakers of the various locations who maintain contact with the team leader and people from the cleaning team. That goes well. They arrange it among themselves. If there really is something wrong, I hear about it and coordinate with Marcel Brugge, the regional manager. We have a quarterly meeting on average to discuss matters and look ahead.  Marcel: 'The communication is open and good. The mutual consultation between Arnold and me is always very constructive. That is probably also because we are both down-to-earth Northerners. As Rayon Manager, I find it important that the customer, in this case the Bornego College, can trust and rely on us. We are always there for them.

Thinking along proactively

What Arnold particularly appreciates about the relationship with EW Facility Services is that things are arranged quickly and well. When the corona crisis had just begun, Marcel called me to ask what he and the cleaning team could do for us. It is great that they think along proactively. I have never been told 'we can't arrange that (any more)'. No, if something extra has to be done in the short term, then that just happens. An example of this is when the exterior of one of our locations needed to be cleaned immediately. One phone call to Marcel and it was done. Marcel: 'Yes, manoeuvrability is in our DNA for a reason. We certainly live up to that. If something has to be sorted out quickly, we just do it.

Opting for continuity

Due to corona, the classrooms were hardly used for a number of months. Lessons were held online. Despite the greatly reduced use, the Bornego College chose to continue the regular cleaning of the classrooms, cupboards and toilets. We could indeed have stopped it temporarily. But the uncertainty about whether or not it would be open was still too great at that time. We therefore thought it better to let everything continue as usual. Then there is continuity. However, because the classrooms did not need to be cleaned every day, we did bring forward a number of periodic activities in consultation with EW. Think of the cleaning of floors, corridors and the auditorium. As far as Marcel is concerned, Bornego College made the right decision by opting for continuity. Marcel: 'To keep the quality of the regular cleaning up to the highest level, the periodic work is also very important.

Simply well organised

Are there no issues at all where Arnold sees room for improvement? No, not at the moment. For us hygiene is very important and that the regular cleaning is always good. And in practice that is just fine. The EW people are always ready. The lines are short and they do what they promise. That's how we like to see it.