Rotterdam The Hague Airport

A partner that switches quickly at the time of corona

Rotterdam The Hague Airport and EW Facility Services had just toasted on their new partnership when the corona crisis broke out. The most unfavourable time imaginable to start. Both parties put their shoulders to the wheel together and, thanks to rapid response and mutual trust, the airport’s high standard of hygiene remains guaranteed at limited cost.

“Cleaning is our number one priority,” says Patricia van den Bogerd, contract manager Rotterdam The Hague Airport. “We are fully committed to the customer experience. EW Facility Services understands this well. We had ambitious plans. For example, in addition to the regular and periodic cleaning activities, hospitality hosts would be deployed during peak hours to help passengers and, if necessary, to arrange ad hoc cleaning activities. Our collaboration started on 1 April. For us, this was the start of a peak period with the May holidays approaching and various events in the area. Then came the corona crisis. A blow for us.


  • Quality of services

  • Flexibility

  • Solution Orientation

  • Reliability

  • The Hospitality Factor

Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Give and take

This unexpected situation forced both parties to renew their cooperation. The Covid-19 virus made hygiene even more important. "Our big challenge is to complete budgets. At the same time we do not want to compromise on hygiene. EW Facility Services is proving to be an extremely agile partner that is committed to long-term cooperation. They are very involved and come up with solutions to save costs without compromising on hygiene. While it is not an easy period for them either. During the first lock-down we therefore put a number of activities on hold in consultation, such as the deployment of the hospitality hosts, the periodic maintenance and the glass washing. On the other hand, we deployed extra rounds for the cleaning of hand and contact points and the refilling of dispensers. The cleaning activities surrounding the construction of the new departure hall continued as usual. This also applies to the completion kj cleaning for the planned opening in December. As soon as air traffic was permitted again last summer and the departure and arrival halls were full again within three weeks, EW Facility Services immediately switched on and scaled up the cleaning work immediately. The outlook for the coming months in terms of air traffic is not favourable. Uncertainty remains high. At present, there are two to three flights in one day, but there may be more or even fewer. Rapid changeover and flexibility remain necessary. EW Facility Services is responding well to this. I have short lines of communication with the object leader and rayon manager. If there is anything, they arrange it right away.

Zero measurement

Before the official start of the collaboration, Patricia had a VSR measurement carried out to assess the cleaning quality. The first independent VSR follow-up measurement was carried out last October. "This first measurement already showed such a difference with the first measurement. There were clear improvements in hygiene. Particularly in the sanitary facilities. The overall cleanliness experience had also clearly improved".

Attention for the cleaners

Not only can Rotterdam The Hague Airport count on a spotless airport. The cleaning team also does its work with pleasure and pride more than before. An unexpected and positive side effect. "The people of the old cleaning team have been taken over by EW Facility Services. Suddenly there was attention for them as a person and they were heard. The takeover was also exciting for them. EW Facility Services deployed an HR specialist for one-on-one conversations with the people and offered help where needed. I really saw the people flourish, a world of difference as they now walk proudly across our airport".