Topaz Revitel

Unique mix
at the interface of hotel and healthcare.


The comfort of a hotel combined with 24-hour convalescent care and support. That was the vision of the management of the Topaz Revitel convalescence hotel in Leiden, and one in which they’ve been highly successful.

The convalescents who stay at Topaz Revitel have just one aim in mind: working on their recovery. So every effort must be made to contribute to this aim. With this idea in mind they went in search of a partner for their cleaning maintenance.

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Topaz Revitel

Environment as stimulus for optimal recovery
Topaz Revitel’s aim was related to their vision that “the environment should serve as a stimulus for optimal recovery”. Based on this concept, they expect their suppliers to make a contribution to the well-being and the total experience of the convalescents and their visitors. The core values in this context are hospitality, service orientation and engagement. “It’s precisely in this environment that flexibility is crucial. Is the moment not right for the cleaner to arrive? Then the work will have to be done later in the day with no problems.” For EW Facility Services it only feels natural to combine hospitality and flexibility with top quality cleaning.

Cleaning partner with genuine interest
EW Facility Services has been Topaz Revitel’s cleaning partner since 2015. We have implemented our innovative approach in this partnership, where hospitality, customer experience, multi-service provision and flexible costs play a key role. In concrete terms, this means we do the cleaning in the daytime, so we’re visible to the convalescents, visitors and employees, that all costs are variable thanks to the all-in price concept, and that we relieve Revitel of even more burdens by also providing cleaning-related services such as waste disposal and the weekly clear-up of the storeroom. The all-in price concept was decisive in Revitel’s choice of cleaning partner. Where previously it paid a standard amount per period, these costs are now calculated per room, fully linked with the current occupancy rate. When Revitel has fewer guests they pay less: flexible costs with the same quality. To assure this quality, the EW Facility Services employees are given additional training, also in collaboration with Revitel. This is specifically focussed on working in a healthcare environment, where contacts with convalescents and healthcare personnel are crucial.

EW Facility Services is flexible, respectful to the guests and extremely hospitable.
Alice Abrahamse Manager operations Topaz Revitel