21 April 2021

Cleaning without chemicals

We took a big step in 2017 by becoming the first Dutch cleaning company to clean with the Lotus® PRO cleaning system. In this system, cold tap water is converted under the action of electricity into stabilized ozone water, which has a sanitizing effect for 24 hours and thus replaces traditional, daily cleaning products. On average, this stabilized ozone water replaces 80% of the daily cleaning products. For the remaining 20% we are therefore forced to use chemical cleaning products. Or do we?

Cleaning without chemicals

The new kid on the block: Biobased cleaning products

Biobased cleaning products from the SURE line of producer Diversey are made from sugars such as sugar beet, straw or corn and vegetable oil such as rapeseed oil and/or coconut oil. Areas and objects that cannot be cleaned with stabilized ozone water are perfectly suited for the use of bio-based cleaning products. Consider, for example, periodic descaling. The biobased products are made from agricultural by-products that are no longer used in the food industry. For every type of surface and every type of cleaning maintenance, the SURE line has a suitable solution.

100% safe for cleaning staff and building users

Because the biobased cleaners contain no dyes, perfumes or chlorine, the products are 100% safe to use. The ingredients are entirely vegetable and the product therefore does not contain any hazard symbols. Together with the Lotus® PRO cleaning system, the biobased products have one of the lowest hazard ratings. The color-coded labels make the use of these products easy for our cleaning staff. The products used by EW Facility Services are therefore not only sustainable and environmentally friendly, but also improve the safety of our cleaning staff and building users.

What about the cleaning quality?

The hygienic effect of environmentally friendly bio-based cleaning agents and stabilized ozone water is at least as good as, and sometimes even better than, that of traditional agents, as described in this article.

Biobased in practice

Because the concentration of biobased cleaning agents is different from traditional cleaning agents, we train our cleaning staff to use biobased cleaning agents correctly. Moreover, with an accurate dosing system, we prevent wastage of the product. An example of such a dosing system is the efficient Quattroselect. With the Quattroselect as shown here, we offer 4 biobased cleaning products on site and the correct dosage of each product is dispensed. It is a closed system, so our employees do not come into contact with the product. And did you know that one pouch of cleaning product creates 2,500 liters of product? This saves the environment with less transport movement and reduces waste.

Want to know more?

Are you, like EW Facility Services, ready to make the switch to fully sustainable cleaning? Then please contact Huib van Bommel (06-33946680) or Jeannot Peijen (06-44607341).

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