26 May 2021

Helping hands

The coronavirus still has a hold on us. The pressure on the care sector remains high, while in other sectors staffing levels are minimal. For us as a cleaning service provider, this is a time when our adaptability is severely tested. Fortunately, flexibility is in our genes. A good example of this is our temporary support in care organisations. Cleaners who normally work in a hotel now roll up their sleeves in hospitals, nursing homes, care hotels and even in a vaccination and coronation clinic. We spoke to a few colleagues about the initial doubts, the difference between hotel cleaning and working in the care sector and the satisfaction this work gives. They made the switch from a hotel to a hospital and share their experiences.

Helping hands

Don't think, but do!
Many requests for temporary support in care have a short start-up time. It also happens regularly that we start with a limited deployment of services that we soon have to scale up to triple that number. Rayon manager Robin Le Febre explains: "An additional challenge in terms of planning is that it mainly concerns early morning and evening shifts. In addition, the Covid unit is a place where not everyone wants to work." Fortunately, there are now many employees who have taken the plunge. With good supervision, training and instructions for personal protection, we ensure that these employees can start working in a new environment with confidence. "After a few weeks of experience, the attitude of the employees is very different from that at the start. They are very enthusiastic and actually don't even want to go back to hotel cleaning!", says Robin.

Difference between hotel cleaning and care
We spoke to two employees who, after years of cleaning hotels, now work at a Covid department in a hospital and asked them about the differences: "There is really no comparison. Dealing with patients is really very different from dealing with guests in a hotel. There is a lot of extra attention for the patients and although quality is important everywhere, it really is of vital importance in healthcare," the ladies say. "The workload is also different. Cleaning at hotels requires more of you physically, working in care can be mentally demanding." Although they really enjoy working in the hospital, it is sometimes difficult: "In December, there were weeks when someone died every night. It is difficult when the person you talked to yesterday is no longer there today." In the meantime, they have discovered a way to close off work and not take it home: "At home we have to look after our children again and do other things. Then your head is no longer on work."

It is nice to see that the work of our colleagues is well received: "It is very rewarding work. Both the patients and the care staff are very grateful for the support we provide. We go home every day feeling satisfied and good." What is also very nice: "Despite the fact that we are completely covered by personal protective equipment, patients recognise us immediately by our eyes and voice."

Do you also need (temporary) support in the field of cleaning or other facility tasks in your care institution? Please contact us, we would like to see what we can do for you!

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