Developments Coronavirus

Developments Coronavirus

Undoubtedly, like our organisation, you are dealing with the effects of the coronavirus. The situation is changing by the day and we see that the most recent measures taken by the government significantly increase the impact. We take the situation very seriously and take various measures so that together we can deal with this exceptional situation. On this page we will keep you informed of all developments. We will also share opportunities where we can support you.

Can we help you?

The effects of the coronavirus in the Hospitality sector are also noticeable for us on a daily basis, as a large proportion of our customers are located in this sector. Many of our employees are currently unable to work. This gives us the opportunity to offer support where cleaning staff is of added value right now. In the current situation, can you use extra support in the area of cleaning, so that your employees and permanent cleaning team can concentrate 100% on their primary tasks? We are at your service.


Front messages

Tens of thousands of people, with crucial professions, are currently on the frontline in the fight against the coronavirus. So are our colleagues.

BNN/VARA portrays these important people on a daily basis in the #Frontberichten programme. Not by means of a visit, but by sharing self-recorded vlogs. Super fun: Kim Groenestein, Sarinah Gennisse and Lonneke Peeters also share their experiences in a vlog. Kim is proud of what the team has achieved, because it requires flexibility from everyone. Despite the difficult situation in the Netherlands, Sarinah also gets energy from what she is doing. As she herself says: “Even though we are normally competing with each other, that doesn’t mean anything now. We are working together to keep the Netherlands running”. Lonneke feels like a proud Dutchman on her way to work and shows why.

Wondering how they are doing? Check their vlogs on the right. The videos are in Dutch.

How to stay (mentally) fit

Everyone has to get used to the situation we’re in. When you travel to work normally, all of a sudden you’re sitting at the kitchen table behind your laptop. It’s also possible that you suddenly have less work to do, because your location is closed or your department is temporarily at a standstill. And when you’re at home, you can’t work out at the gym or get together with family and friends. We can imagine that this will drive you crazy from time to time. Especially if you’re used to moving around a lot. That is why we have collected a few tips, you can find them by clicking on the button. Hopefully they will help you to get through this weird time a bit fitter!

Cleaners thank you!

As EW Facility Services we are enormously proud of all cleaners in the Netherlands and that is exactly what we want to tell the whole world. They too are important and our appreciation is great and we shout that from the rooftops! The cleaners were already indispensable, but in these times even more so.


On 24 March, the OSB (Ondernemersorganisatie Schoonmaak- en Bedrijfsdiensten) launched a national campaign #SchoonmakersBedankt. The goal is to encourage all employees in the cleaning industry. There will be large advertisements in De Telegraaf and the campaign can be followed on radio, online and of course on social media.

Of course we also support this great initiative. Because we are very proud of our colleagues and colleagues.

Measures Coronavirus

The impact of the coronavirus on our society is enormous. We see that the most recent measures taken by the government significantly increase the impact. This applies to both private individuals and industries, which means that the measures also affect our clients and our own organisation. For example, clients in the hotel industry saw the number of cancellations rise by 48% in recent weeks, while the number of new reservations remains low. Clients in the high traffic sector are forced to close their doors and we are seeing a sharp decline in the occupancy of locations at offices. Although this situation is expected to be temporary, it is expected that the negative effects of the coronavirus will persist and will be noticeable for a longer period of time. We have no choice but to take drastic measures to deal with this exceptional situation.

Prevent the spread of the coronavirus

Contact surfaces

In preventing the spread of the coronavirus, it is important that we clean contact surfaces properly. Our colleagues are extra alert to this during cleaning. What do we understand by this? Click on the button below for an overview of points of attention for cleaning.

How can we limit diffusion together?

The most important measures that people can take to prevent the spread of the coronavirus are the hygiene measures that apply to all viruses that can cause flu and colds. Read on and see what you and your employees can do.